Friday, 19 August 2011

What Have I Done For Me Lately?

I haven't posted for the past five weeks and in my absence I have whinged about my life, done zero to none exercise and been very half assed about my eating. In fact I've been very half-assed about everything!

I booked this week off work - as I just needed to not be there for longer than a weekend allows - and have started to get my head together. I visited some friends, ate/drank/spent way too much and basically thoroughly enjoyed myself! So now I'm in a good head space I feel it's time I tackled my weight...again.

Thankfully, in that five-week hiatus I have only put a couple of pounds on - but those 2 lbs feel like 2 stone.

Today, I think I'm going to ease myself back into exercise gently with half an hour of pilates. Get myself back into the swing of things. I have been so close to doing this for weeks but something in the back of my head has stopped me by saying "what is the point? It won't make a difference!" Well negative thoughts you are wrong! 20-30 mins a  day is better than doing bugger all!

The C-word is the key. No, not that C-word, the other one: CONSISTENCY. Totally my downfall. I get into a good work out groove then after two weeks I get fed up, then after six weeks I abandon it all together. I need to keep pushing myself to do SOMETHING every day, ANYTHING! I have found this brilliant YouTube Channel/blogger - POP Pilates (also known as Blogilates) who does quick 10-20 min pilates based workouts (on the more aerobic, high intensity side) so I could at least do one of these a day if I don't fancy a full DVD/gym workout. Sparkpeople also has short workout videos.

So that's where I'm at. Can't wait to finally post some good/positive news on here!

Quick tip: Never look at the exercise/fitspo posts on Tumblr when you haven't done any activity for the past month - you will feel seriously lazy (and quite disheartened about the amount of young girls who long to be under 100lbs.)