Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just write it off!

Well let's just say this week has been a total write-off. After post-festival depression, being manically busy at work, and feeling under the weather I haven't visited the gym, or any kind of exercise dvd once.

I was doing well so far as food, and was still tracking everything, until Friday when I went out for lunch AND tea, and drank quiiiiite a few glasses of pinot. Ah well, it's the bank holiday and I was catching up with some friends so decided to cut loose a bit. Then yesterday I went out in Manchester with a friend to look for a costume for a fancy dress party and ended up going to Nando's for tea, then at the party last nigh the alcohol was floooooowing :) (I went as Satan to the party was an 'S' theme).

So anyway, I'm feeling rough today - not just the hangover but I have a really sore thoat so I'm just going to kick back today and try and get myself feeling better. As soon as the sore throat bogs off I will be finally starting the 30 day shred and getting back down the gym. In the meantime I am back to tracking points everyday (just put my lunch points in). Oh and no more alcohol for a good while now! :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Back to Reality :(

V Fest 2010 is over :( It's been emotional. I'm already feeling the post-festival blues. At least I had today off to contemplate it all (i.e how AMAZING it was) but now I can feel the doom descending as I realise I have to go back into work tomorrow :( x 10000.

Anyways, I'll post a proper update later when I get my head around being back to normal life. Just thought I'd mention I weighed myself this morning and had lost 2lbs! Whoop! Should think so with all the bloody standing up I did over the weekend (the aching legs was worth seeing Kings of Leon up close!)

On another note, I've just updated my WW weight tracker and it still bloody thinks i'm on maintenece even though my goal weight is clearly showing (which obviously i'm miles off yet) - anybody having the same prob or know how to rectify it? The WW website really irritates me at time as i'm paying over a tenner a month for the priveldge and it just doesn't meet expectation at times.

Right, gonna look at my photos from the weekend :) X

Friday, 20 August 2010

V Overload

V Festival is only hours away! Music! Mates! Fun! The rather lovely looking Kings of Leon! This is all I can think about at the moment :)

I had the day booked off work and spent much of it faffing around picking out what i'm going to wear over the weekend. It was a hard task as God knows what the weather is going to do. I went for the layer option so hopefully i'm prepared for every eventuality. I just hope the ground isn't going to get wet and muddy as you really need to sit down at some point!

Anyways, It has come to the end of my 12-week challenge and even though my official weigh in day isn't until Sunday I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I am 2-3lbs off my target of 15st. I'm not disheartend by this as I have lost more than a stone over this period and feel so much fitter and mentally ready to push on with this weight loss malarkey.

When the V weekend is over I am going to start the 30 day shred on Monday, working in the Pilates for Dummies DVD also (did that last night) and obviously keep up the gym workouts. So I think I will set myself my next weight goal over the 30 days. I'll post that on Monday - can't get my head around anything non-festival related at the minute!

Also, I will report back on how my eating went over the weekend. I'm taking a few Nairns oatcakes and breakfast bars for snacks, but obviously can't take a lot more as don't want to cart round a heavy bag all day. From what I can remember from last year there was a healthy eating corner of the food stands (although we didn't visit that area!) so will check that out.

Right, well i'm off to faff around some more and get an early night :) Xx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What's in the Box? Part Two...

No need to wonder this time - of course it was the 30 Day Shred waiting for me tonight!

I have never been so aprehensive before starting an exercise dvd before! It is just that I have heard SO much about it (there is always a handful of threads on any WW message board about it) and it was apparently going to kill me and make me walk like John Wayne for a week.

I actually watched the whole of level one before attempting it. Then I stuck on the exercise gear and started...

...and you know what? I loved it! Much like the pilates dvd I did yesterday, it is only just over 20 mins long and you move between the three sections really quickly and just when you reckon you need to flop on the floor, it's time for the cooldown (YAY!)

You do three circuits comprising of the three intervals (Strength, Cardio, Abs) and with each circuit you do a different set of moves - alternating two moves per interval. The sections are obviously really taxing, but I found I could keep up with the beginner moves in level one (almost, I had to drop out a couple of reps before I was supposed to a couple of times..)

I found Jillian to be really encouraging - and not in a fake, annoying way. Just when I felt like stopping and going to bed in one of the cardio sections she gets really encouraging and tells you that you are strong and CAN finish it, you just have to fight, and you know what? It really spurred me on and I got a second wind.

I'm so glad I like it as after all the hype I was worried I would be dissapointed.

So today was just the tester. I shall be starting the 30 days next week (after I have come home from V festival over the weekend) and will report back on, hopefully, the results. Will take my measurements before I start.

Off topic...please all send good vibes to Mother Nature and ask her politely to refrain from peeing down on me this weekend!!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What's in the box?

I just love a parcel! When I got home from work tonight there was the familiar sight of a brown amazon box waiting for me. Yay I thought! I'll be shredding tonight. I ripped open the box only to find...the other exercise dvd I bought - Pilates for Dummies. Ow man!

Oh well! I've been moaning about starting up pilates again and the reviews for this dvd were really good so I decided to try it this evening.

I've just finished it and I really liked it. It reminded me a lot of my class I used to go to. You start with 20 minutes of a standing up workout and then 15 minutes of mat work. It ticked all the boxes, got my heart going (the first part of the workout really gets you out of breath), worked out my stomach muscles and gave my back (and pretty much everything else) a reaaaally nice stretch and it was over in no time!

After a intense day at work, it was the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day - whilst also working off the cals.

So maybe it wasn't the exact dvd I was anticipating (the 30 day Shred will have to be tackled another day - come on mr postman!) it ended up being exactly just what I needed!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday, Salsa and Shred

Weighed myself this morning annnnd...another 2lbs have been worked off :)

I am now 4lbs away from my original 12-week-to-V-Fest goal. I seriously doubt I am going to drop 4lbs this week but I am going to work really hard to get as close as I can!

After going to Zumba on Thursday I felt like really doing some more of the same exercise. So yesterday afternoon I revisted the Rosemary Conley Salsacise dvd, and really enjoyed it! I opted to do the final level - 30 mins long. I used to think this was quite taxing but after doing Zumba this was a nice gentle warm up by comparison!

This week I want to do the salsa dvd a few times, as well as going to the gym and Zumba on Thursday. I will also continue to do my usual lunchtime walks (around 20-25 mins long).

I'm awaiting the delivery of a Pilates dvd I bought on Amazon - it was only a few quid and the pilates dvd I have isn't really very good (just shows you the move and doesn't work through it with you). I also bought the imfamous 30 Day Shred, after hearing so much about it and seeing it on Amazon for just over a fiver. I know you have to do it every day so will start that on the Monday after V Festival. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge of it but am a bit wary of the supposed pain I will be in after completing it!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Let's Get Popping!

Pop! Pop! Pop! What a great sound. So carrying on from the theme of snacks I decided to buy a bag of plain old popping corn this lunchtime and made a small bowl of it for an after dinner snack...and it was delicious!

Just so quick and easy. I just stuck half an ounce (around 14g) of corn into a bowl (with a lid) and popped into the mircowave for 2-3 minutes. I could eat it plain but as I only made a small amount (which in fact made a load!) I treated myself to a teaspoon of sugar sprinkled over.

It works out at 0.5 points for the 1/2 oz of popping corn and another 0.5 points for the teaspoon of sugar. Very reasonable! Also, it's very filling and because you can leave it to pick at it you really feel like you've had something substantial - which I don't feel like when I have a snack bar (which are higher point values).

So, just to clarify, I love homemade popcorn!

I did spoil the low point snack by having a mini muller rice pot as well - but I have more than enough points left over today so I can afford it! :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today's letter is S...

...and the topic is...snacks!

I've been thinking about healthy, energy-boosting snacks I can easily take with me to V Festival. Last year I ate rubbish and I really don't want to mess up my good behaviour. I don't mind compromising with the main meals (I found a baked potato stand last year...well they do have everything in fact!) but want to go for the healthier options - noodles etc. Also, I'm thinking because it is a full on two days, I want to have a pack of little energy-boosting snacks with me so that I can keep my energy levels up. The other thing is that they have to be small and light enough to be packed in a little box, and has to be able to last all day in a bag.

So far I have come up with the following ideas:
  • Rice cakes.
  • Oatcakes with peanut butter (hmmm, not sure if the PB will last though..)
  • Pieces of fruit - apple, banana.
  • Breakfast bars.
  • Small handful of walnuts.
  • Seeds.

Nothing mind blowing but a friend suggested I go to Holland and Barrett and stock up on the a few little packs of snacks - like seaweed covered peanuts (although I think they can be quite calorific -like most nuts, so again, would only be a handful). So think I'll make a trip there sometime this week - will have to stop myself from eating them at work though!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Mutton Jeff

Pardon? Sorry? Eh? Que? These are the things I have been saying for the past couple of days as my cold has now transfered to my ears, yay me. I haven't been able to go to the gym as I feel dizzy stood that has been niggling me as I start to get restless if I can't work out.

Any way, moving on (as I am so fed up with being ill and talking about it) I went for some much needed retail therapy yesterday and my bags were so heavy my back and shoulders were really hurting - it felt just like a gym workout! My shoulders are killing me today but I weighed myself this morning and i've lost 2lbs, whooop! So i'm on track for my V goal - just need another 4lb to shift within the next two weeks.

I had a splurge in Primarni (you just have to) then got some boots for V Festival, and a couple of tops from H&M. On a side note I can't wait for H&M to go online in September, they are so good on the value/quality front! Gave me a taster for my shopping trip treat for goal..

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moaning Minnie

I really don't want to moan...but this week I have just felt really under the weather and wiped out, i'm tired and just fed up. I tend to only write about achievments and all the good things on this blog, but I think I should write about the down times as well. I wouldn't be human if I was 100% motivated, determined and happy all the time.

Ugh, I just deleted a paragraph of me whinging on about how challenging work is...booooring! That's exactly how I feel at the min, bored, no get up and go.

Anyways, on a good note, points-wise I have stayed on track. Unfortunately, gym-wise I have only been once this week so far. Missed my Zumba class tonight as well :(

I think this bug i've got has zapped my energy and not being able to workout always makes me grumpy, so i'm hoping as soon as I start feeling better my mood will lift.

Ok, moaning Minnie is going now!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Quickie Piccies

Just a quickie to say I have added a couple more pics to my gallery page. Both of which remind me of why I am making the effort to lose weight. The first being from my birthday in January - although I had a great night I just felt huge. I hate having a birthday straight after Christmas! The second photo was from a weekend in London, again it was another fun time but I went out in the evening and just didn't feel good in what I looked like. Looking at these photo's don't necessarily mean anything but just thinking back to how I felt at the time (so fresh in my mind) it's the best thing I could have done to remind myself to keep going and never feel down on myself again!

Good night! X

Preparation Pay-Off? + Tuesday Twaddle

So the roasted pepper pasta was a bit 'meh' - not bad but there are tastier lunches that don't take 3 pans to create, amongst other washing up items!

My gym effort this morning was a bit poor, due to me realising (about 5 mins into my workout) that I am actually still suffering with this blimmin' cold. I contemplated going home but decided to soldier on and just spent less time doing cardio and concentrated on weights.

So all in all yesterday's preparation didn't inspire great results today but I suppose I did get some exercise done as planned, and (so far) I have stayed well within my points allowance. So scrap that - preparation has proved to be successful! :)

I bought some melba toast at lunchtime, for an afternoon snack. I looked the points up on WW online and it's a bit confusing (0.5 points per pack of 6 - yet it says the same if you select one individual slice? But the slice is 3g the same as a 3g pack???)

WW online has gone insane recently. The community section has given up the ghost - tried to post on my WW blog and everytime I clicked save it sent me an error message - argh! All the new sections are really slow. Technology eh?!

Right - that's enough Tuesday twaddle!

Monday, 2 August 2010

The Munchies and Being Prepared!

Munch, munch, munch...if you were any where near my desk today that is the noise you would have heard! I munched on relatively healthy things (oatcakes, ricecakes, yoghurt) but just the quantity I ate meant that I have gone 1 point over my allowance, ah well. Tomorrow is another day!

I know that preparation is the key, so have just finished making a WW pasta for lunch. Was pretty quick and easy but there was A LOT of washing up. It basically consisted of 60g wholewheat pasta, with roasted pepper and cherry tomatoes (roasted with fry light, thyme and garlic) and half a small can of tuna. Also I made my own tomato vingerette by boiling 100ml water with 4 cherry tomatoes, thyme, garlic and tomato puree (supposed to have lemon juice in as well but I didn't have any!) Let it cool, mix all together, and it is in my lunchbox in the fridge waiting to be taken to work tomorrow. Quite a nice size portion at 4 points. Will see how it tastes tomorrow!

On the theme of preparation I have packed my gym bag and will be hauling my bottom down the gym before work tomorrow. I love my routine and have been going insane the past couple of days when I haven't been (a case of the sniffles preventing me).

So here's for a successful day tomorrow!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

She's a total Betty...

I'm feeling pretty inspired, creative, day-dreamy (but that is not unusual for me!)

I've been thinking about my ultimate goal weight and the shopping trip that I am going to treat myself with for reaching it. This led me on to thinking about how much fashion is a motivator for me to lose weight. I could try and dress it up (no pun intended) and say it was purely for health reasons, but if I am being completly honest a big motivating factor to this mission is to wear the kind of things I want to, with conviction. Obviously whatever size you are you can still look good, but I just want to fit into 'straight' sizes to give myself more options. I hate limitations.

Anyway, I don't want to get too deep into this today, I really just wanted to post pretty pictures that evoke a certain feeling for me - fun, frivolous, care free and young. A kind of aspiration I had when I was younger and just never got there in reality (mainly because they were just ridiculous notions of adulthood!). This sounds like i'm getting all analytical again, but seriously, this afternoon's ramblings came out of a memory I had as a kid when I watched Clueless. Remembering Cher's wardrobe (it was a computer that she could mix and match outfits and when she was happy with it press a button and the wardrobe would spin to the exact place that outfit was stored). Y'see? Not deep and meaningful AT ALL! Just complete shallowness and frivolity :)

Enjoy! (Oh and I should say I am obsessed with celebrities fabulous wardrobes and dressing room montages in films!)

LBS, V, KOL...

It seems like for once, after having a bit of a rubbish week...and weekend, things are starting to go my way! I weighed in this morning AND...


Which means...


Which made me...


Ha :) I haven't had the best of weeks - meaning I still stayed within my points (even with eating out with friends TWICE) but I only got down to the gym three times this week. So either the Zumba is working absolute miracles, or last weeks hard work is paying off this week...or more likely a combination of the both.

I've been feeling really under the weather this weekend so haven't been to the gym, hopefully I will be ok to go tomorrow morning.

It is exactly 3 weeks until V Festival. The tickets came last weekend which made me dance around my living room and also have reality pop in my face as my 12 week challenge is stil very much on - 6lbs to go over 3 weeks, VERY do-able. Like I have said before I won't get too disheartend if I don't reach it (as, let's face it, I will be travelling off to V so won't give two hoots!) and I will get there eventually...but for now I have that goal in my sights.

3 weeks to lose 6lbs and 3 weeks until I see these lovely boys...

Oh and before I forget, I'm loving the update of the WW website - it has made it so much more interactive now, with blog post, friends and groups. So I have started a new blog on their (called the same as this) and will aim to keep both up to date - probably i'll just modify these longer posts into a shorter WW version. Anyways, check that out and feel free to add me as a friend :)