Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunshine Sunday!

Welllllll...had my weigh in this morning and I have lost 1lb, whoop! It actually looked like I was on the border of it being a 2lb loss but I scaled it down to be fair.
So i'm now at 16st which is over two stone less than I was at Christmas - so i'm really happy and feel like i'm making progress.

I still have my aim of being 15st by the time I go to V Festival (which is around 9-10 weeks away now). I need to start powering on a losing a better average than 1lb a week (although I am more than pleased with that average!)

I haven't been to the gym this weekend due it being SO bloody hot and with the big Englad game kicking off in a few mins I just couldn't miss that. Will pack my gym bag tonight and get my bum down there in the morning.

Rite, gotsa go watch the match, fingers crossed for an ENGLAND victory...

Friday, 25 June 2010

What a Week...

Well what a week it's been! Aside from the gorgeous weather there has been lots of potential pitfalls that I think I have done really well to avoid.

Firstly there was the England match on Wednesday where we had a fridge full of beer awaiting us at work, plus a BBQ. I went to the canteen and got a rice and cous cous salad and was full so didn't feel tempted to have a greasy burger.
Then we went for our customary 'drunken noodles' this afternoon - but thai food is relativley low points (for an eating out cuisine) and I had two small glasses of wine with it.

I went to the gym Sunday-Wednesday so worked up more than enough points to cover me this afternoon, plus I must have saved over a days worth of points (from not going over my allowance). Haven't been gym today or yesterday and I am missing it a bit. Feel like I should go both days over the weekend but I may be going out tomorrow and the England game is Sunday. I must aim to go Sunday morning - WITHOUT FAIL!!

Got my weigh in on Sunday and I really hope I am at that 16st mark (or under) as it seems to be taking ages to crack that barrier! Must persevere.

Oooh, in other news I tried my ASOS black skinnies on this morning (as I couldn't bear the double-denim look) and they fit!! I would also go as far as to say the were roomy round the stomach and waist - and just very snug around my lower legs -but still comfortable. Very, very pleased with that result. Will set myself a new aim to get into some size 18 ASOS trousers (As I need some new work pants).

Anyways, it's time to chill out, watch some world cup footy and enjoy the end of the week :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Moods, Salads and Slices

Oooh nearly the end of the week - thankfully!

Went to the gym this morning and I have to say I am really enjoying the time to myself before I get to work. I had a day off the gym on Tuesday and really missed it! I feel like i'm a bit addicted (in a good way) as I always go in a bad mood and feel really fed up if I don't go.

Going to pack my gym bag in a minute ready for tomorrow morning. Got to get the last exercise sessions in before I weigh myself on Sunday. I'm hoping for another loss. Also, going to try out the dance dvd my mum bought me the other day on Saturday. I hope it's not one of those that are tricky to follow - where you basically need to be a trained dancer to follow it!

Had a really nice lunch today. Took a box salad, with a boiled egg and a small portion of ham, and wrapped it in the North Stafss oatcake I had left and used half a pot of reduced fat hommous spread on it - so yummy and very low points. Was pleasantly full after I had eaten it.

In other news I had my haircut today - nothing major, just a trim to keep it tidy, looks really nice. Having some 'slices' of colour put in next week. Gotta love them hair colour slices!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tuesday Twaddle

So the Monday blues are over...and the Tuesday trauma's hit! Not been the greatest day at work but felt in control of what I was eating.
Had a really nice WW chicken balti curry tonight for tea - feel stuffed now! Think i'm going to stop having the pitta bread with it next time.

Went to a fashion shop/late night shop thing last night and bought two gorge maxi dresses, handbag and sunglasses. Felt really good to treat myself to a nice dress, especially after last weeks weight loss.

Didn't go to the gym this morning due to a late night last night, so will go every morning for the rest of the week - gotta get another weight loss this week!!

Catching up with the Biggest Loser Australia at the moment. It has been a big motivator for me to get down the gym - plus the Commando is amazingly good looking so that always helps! Seriously though, the transformations are really inspiring. I will never be able to meet that rate of weight loss but as long as I keep losing i'll be happy :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday: Weigh in Time

So, it is the end of week two of my 12 week challenge and the results are in...

...dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuun.....

...1lb lost this week. Wohoo!

A small loss but I will gladly take that as a loss is a loss and way better than staying the same!

Looking foward to keep tracking points very closely this week and hitting the gym at least four mornings. Here's to week three...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Road to V

In the midst of the longest week in work (ever in history...) I desperately reached for my desk calendar to count the weeks to my next holiday. Surprisingly it was a rather neat and tidy 12 weeks until I have a few days booked off for recovery time after V Festival. This got the cogs turning...

I have now set myself a challenge to lose a stone in the 12 weeks leading up to V, so ideally I will be 15st, or under, by the time I set off to the big field in Staffordshire to join 90,000 like-minded peeps and enjoy the sounds of Kings of Leon (whooooop!).

My first week resulted in a very pleasing 3lb loss and my next weigh in (for week two of the challenge) is tomorrow - so will update then.

I have tried setting little goals like this before, to only be upset when I haven't reached them. But this time I know I am in this for the long haul. Whatever the result from the WI is tomorrow I know I have 10 more weeks to continue towards my goal.

Right, must sign off now as the England game is on! C'mon EN-GER-LAAAAAANNND!! :)

The 'J' Word

Ok so new blog, new first post and new journey ahead for me (a.k.a the 'J' word).

The journey is my (hello!) endeavour to lose weight, live out those dreams that i've had for so long and start living life to the max. I am a woman on a mission.

After scooting round and reading other people's blogs, I have felt really inspired by them to create my own. Even if nobody ever see's this apart from me it will be a great tool to track my progress and inspire and motivate myself along this journey (...yep I said it again).

After being really unhappy with my weight after Christmas last year. I joined a gym in March and finally re-joing Weight Watchers last week (the online version this time). So far so good. I had a 3lb weight loss last week and i'm starting to see and feel the difference.

This week has gone really well: gym 5 times this week and I have stayed within my points allowance each day (so far). Weigh in tomorrow so we shall wait and see...