Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nowt. Nada. Zip...and eating Dinosaurs.

STS (stayed the same). Thought I would just get that news out of the way. I am dissapointed I haven't lost anything this week as I had intended to cane it at the gym while I was off work and aim for a bigger weight loss (than my usual 1lb per week) but thinking about it, I have probably eaten more being at home - yet stayed within my point allowance - and I kind of think that last week has caught up with me. So looking at it that way STS is a pretty good result. Just need to surge ahead as per usual now.

I've been thinking that I need to mix up my work outs a bit now, in terms of trying different kinds of ways to exercise that I enjoy. I've already mentioned that I tried Zumba last week and really enjoyed that so will be doing that class once a week, along with my regular pre-work gym sessions. Pilates is something I used to do at my old gym last year, and I really loved that class. It is something I want to start up again but the class at my gym is on a Saturday morning (10am) and the thought of getting up early on a weekend is just unbearable, unless I am feeling super motivated that day! I have a couple of pilates DVDs so will try and get back into it through them first. Also, I should really get back to doing the Davina DVDs as I think they really do make a difference (well you can certainly feel the after-effects!) and would compliment the gym sessions by adding a toning element - so by doing all that I should have all bases covered...just need the will and energy for it all now! But like they say - how do you eat a Dinosaur? Piece by piece...

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I don't have a weigh in result, any particular goals achieved or new challenges to report but I just felt really compelled to here I am!

I attended my first Zumba class on Thursday night and have to say that I am now a huge fan! It was so fast, and got my heart beating accordingly (and I don't even want to mention the sweat...) but it was also the most enjoyable hour I've ever had exercising. The tutor was really enthusiastic (and a bit mad) and made the session so fun. It didn't matter that I was out of step half the time! The music really wanted to make you move with it and some of the moves are so silly (like running round in a circle like a little kid, or the big "mixing bowl" action) that you just have to surrender to the fact that you will look a bit ridiculous - but have such a laugh whilst doing it!

I cannot wait for my next lesson :)

Oh, also I wore my brand new ASOS dress (£13 in the sale - barrrrrrgain...) out in town last night and felt brilliant. The dress was so comfortable and flowed perfectly on me that I felt really confident. Usually i'm pulling at a dress here and there constantly, which then makes me really self-conscious, but not this time. I think we have a winner for my V festival dress (oooh of which the tickets arrived today, whooop!)

My mum felt the need to photograph me in my new dress - so I thought that I would start up a gallery page on this blog and will try and keep it updated with outfit posts. I've been meaning to do this for ages, as a visual record for myself, but instead of using horrendous front/sideways shots in my casual (not to be worn outside clothes) I think the more flattering "dolled up" pics will be better...well better for me and my ego anyway!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another pound bites the dust...

So, I haven't posted anything for a wee while, mainly because after having a hard week at work last week the last thing I wanted to do was to come back on the computer!

Anyways...I weighed in on Sunday and lost 2lbs! I was so pleased with this as I was almost resigned to the fact that I may not have lost anything - due to the nature of the week (stress, conference food, lack of gym time, pizza on Friday, a bit of over-indulging on weekend). I am now 15st 9lbs which Is 1lb away from my 5% WW goal.

I am off work this week and intend to do longer, more intense workouts all week to try and push past that 5% goal (and perhaps even further). So far so good, I went to the gym yesterday and this morning. Will be going again tomorrow and Friday, but Thursday I am going to try the Zumba class with a friend - eek! It looks very high energy in the videos i'e watched, but i'll report back at how it went!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First 7lb Loss

Haven't blogged for a wee while - has been a very busy time (watching lots of football, wimbledon and generally faffing around!)

Anyways, I reached my first 7lb loss on Sunday (yay) and I am now under 16st. I still want to be as near to 15st as I possibly can be by V Fest (in 6 weeks time). I set myself a target of 1 stone loss, so If I get to 15st7lb I will have reached that target - but I would like to be less than that ideally!

Going to step up the gym workouts - doing more weights that cardio this week.

In other news? Went for a job interview last week, should find out the results at the end of this week, fingers crossed.

Thought I might finish the post off with writing about the ulitmate treat I have in store for myself when I finally reach my goal weight. Hopefully by January (when I will be turning 27) I want to treat myself a weekend in London - booking in a lovely hotel and spending a couple of days just hitting ALL the shops and buying a whole new wardrobe! I've got around 6 months to lose over 5 stone. I know i've got a long way to go but when times get tough I need to remind myself of this ulitmate goal to keep me on track! So far, so good :)