Friday, 28 January 2011

Number Crunching

Had the most laborious, long-arse day today. I just couldn't steel myself to get into my work properly and was endlessly clock watching (which is scientifically proven to slow down the Earth's rotational spin). It's been that kind of week.

Yesterday was OK though. I went back to my dearly-missed Zumba class and sweated up a storm while getting slightly annoyed at the new routines which meant I couldn't show off in front of the newbies (is that awful of me?!) I'm definitely going to go back to my usual Thursday classes now, although my instructor is leaving next month, booo :(

So after the endorphin high of last night I've had a total dip. My mind started to wander to weight loss statistics, when I really should have been doing something I'm paid for, and thought I'd crunch some numbers tonight. So here we go:

Current weight: 15st 2lbs (212 lbs)
Current BMI: 34.2 which puts me in the obese category for my 5ft 6 height

Weight that will put me in the BMI 'overweight' category: 13 st 2lbs (185 lbs)
How many lbs needed to lose to reach the 'overweight' category:  1st 9lbs (27 lbs)

Weight that will put me in the 'normal weight' category:  11st (154 lbs)
How many lbs needed to lose to reach the 'normal weight':  4 st 1lbs(58 lbs)

Only 58 lbs until I'm deemed 'normal'! Must crack on then.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sunday Strolling

My Sunday morning started off with a 80 min walk around our local woods (I am so lucky to live close to such a pretty area). Usually my Sunday morning consists of lounging around in bed until lunchtime, but not today. Me and my dad braced the cold - which is perfect weather for walking - and got strolling. Set me up nicely for the week.

I weighed in this morning and have lost 1lb which I'm happy with. I started tracking again last week and was doing well until the weekend where a few lunches/dinners out with friends racked up the points. So I want to really push this week to prevent a STS result.

This week I really want to have a couple of sessions down the gym, do my Zumba DVDs and also mix it up with a few of my other DVDs (shred, pilates). Basically this week I want to move more!

I mentioned in my last post that I was trying to change one habit a week - as found on this blog. I am continuing with the first week habit of drinking more water so am moving onto the next habit - moving more! My exercise habits have been a little sporadic of late (due to illness, dark mornings and general lazy arseness!) so am just trying to get into a regular habit.

Here's hoping for a successful week ahead.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Winning and Losing

Last week I won a Woman's Own competition, literally the first thing I've won since the Easter raffle in Primary School! My prize? Only £170 worth of weight loss goodies! I was such a giddy kipper when I found out.

The parcel was delivered on Monday and in it I had 20-odd sachets of Tony Ferguson meal replacement shakes, his recipe book, Cho Yung weight loss tea, Shape Me Beautiful positive thinking CD and a pair of SIZE 12 'tummy tuck' jeans.

Now i'm really not a fan of meal replacements as I think it is such an unhealthy way to lose weight and who wants to go through life with only a heavily processed powder to sustain you? But, as a quick breakfast for when i'm running late, I thought they would come in handy. So on Tuesday and Wednesday I had the Chocolate shake and Cafe Late shake for my brekkie. The first time I tried it I realised I wasn't going to be able to drink it all in one setting as it was so filling, so I popped it in my water bottle and drank the rest throughout the morning in work. It did keep me fuller for longer as cereal (no matter how big the portion) never seems to keep the hunger away for me.

By Thursday I was craving a 'proper' brekkie (i.e. one made of ACTUAL food) but it did make me think that once all the sachets have gone I am going to make my own healthy smoothies for breakfast - as they really seem to keep the hunger at bay.

I tried the Size 12 jeans on and as they are quite stretchy I managed to get them up to my bum - but no further! Definitley something to aim for his year. I listened to the CD and although it is a bit cheesey at times (like how you are supposed to tell your inner child you love them...puuuuukkkke!) it did relax me and whether it was a placebo effect or not I did feel more positive the next couple of days. Note to self, must listen to it again!

In a peruse for more inspiring weight loss blogs I found one by an American lady who has lost a huge amount of weight by herself and she had drawn up this one habit a week plan, which basically gets you to try and change one small thing a week. It isn't anything ground breaking but it seemed to really strike a chord in me as  I have previously said that with WW I don't feel like I've changed my bad habits - i'm just doing the same things within a point allowance. I can't see myself tracking forever so I need to programme in these healthy habits that are going to keep me in good stead for the future.

For week one the healthy habit was to drink more water. A simple thing but something I really don't do without reaaaaaally making the effort. So this week I have been making regular trips to the tap/water cooler to fill up my empty glass.

I weighed in this morning and have lost 3lbs and i'm sure the extra water intake has a great deal to do with that, so it is something I am really going to drill into myself. I also started doing my Zumba DVDs again this week so the little bit of exercise has given me that extra ooomph.

My body has failed me again though and have been up all night with a sore and swollen throat (it hurrrrrtsss!) and blocked ears- just when I was getting back into the swing of things, damnit!! Anyways I'm hoping it will shift soon and so I can bet back into my groove this week :)

Monday, 3 January 2011

Let's Get Fit the Celebrity Way!

It's that time of year when we are all on the come-down from the festivities and after one too many drunken buffet evenings and mince pies the cravings for fruit, vegetables and a simple glass of water start to set it. It is also the time that the media like to remind us that we have all inevitably gorged ourselves too much and therefore are fat and unhappy.

Whatever will motivate these sad, unfortunate people into action? (The editors wonder) The answer? Bombard the nation (mainly female) with images of lithe, fit and firm celebrities sunning themselves in teeney-weeney bikini's, promote the latest batch of former fatty celebrities-turned supermodels' fitness DVD, all of which claim to have unlocked the secret weight loss enigma, and read through a top ten list of celeb's favourite workouts.

This week I have become increasingly irked by the constant stream of media 'attacks' aimed at overweight people. It was kicked off by an article by one Daily Mirror columnist's helpful advice that all those wishing to lose weight should cut out the accompanying picture of bikini-clad supermodel Bar Refaeli and stick it on your fridge, you know, for TOTAL motivation. As I examined this picture of this woman I realised that this is a model of perfection perpetrated by the media to make the rest of the female population, who are not genetically fortunate to be in that 1% of human perfection, feel worthless, and quite frankly shite. It doesn't matter if I slimmed down to 7st, I will never have a supermodel body, and that's OK, I just wish the media would stop holding it up as the gold medal in body Olympics.

Yesterday I read an interview with Kimberley Walsh from Girls Aloud (who I like) which bore the headline "I HAVE LEARNT TO EMBRACE MY CURVES" For the love of God!!! Who else is sick of this headline? Especially when it is used to describe girls who are about as curvy as a ruler. Kimberley is comparison, but then we compare her next to tiny Cheryl Cole, so it's not much of a yardstick is it? (Sorry Chez, I'm not comparing you with a yardstick). I once saw a TV programme in which a journo described Kate Moss as curvy, I kid you not. Curvy is apparently acceptable in the media but God forbid those celebrities that dare to carry cellulite. You can be curvy and built like a brick shithouse but one sign of a dimply thigh and you are back on the 'to be publicly shamed' list and no doubt pressured into losing more weight, ending with the inevitable "how I lost my ugly cellulite" news spread.

To add insult to injury I received an email from a fashion magazine which carried an article of 16 Celeb Fitness Tips - as I am interested in fitness I had a flick through - I should have known better. The first tip was from Super Helena Christensen (who in another life I WILL come back as) who lauded the amazing effect of walking in those crappy trainers that definitely will not make your bum as toned as Kylie's. The fact that Helena is a spokesperson for these trainers had no bearing on her pimping them (sarcasm tone: off). As I flicked through the rest one overriding theme hit me - to get a celeb body you need to be rich enough and have enough time on your hands to employ a top personal trainer and spend every day of every week dedicating your life to a pert arse. Take a step back mere mortals! I do however have to give a special commendation to Beyonce who at least admitted to get her body she has to work hard for it, unlike Kelly Brook who apparently does nothing but skip around beaches to keep so trim.

Us ordinary folk should realise that we are the norm and super fit celebs are the exception. I am focusing on being the best version of myself and not aspiring to look like what the media machine considers perfection.

Saying this, I wouldn't mind being Beyonce for one day - aww c'mon we all have dreams!