Sunday, 24 April 2011

Finish What You Started

My new wallpaper says it all! I've been on this weight loss journey for a long while. It's time I finished what I started.

(Wallpaper source: Myhealthmybeauty)

Over the Barrier

Oh please tell me you are all eating chocolate eggs too? I've not done too bad, sharing an egg last night...and then again this afternoon! However, I did mix in some exercise today to try and balance it all out.

So, I weighed in this morning and am *drumroll pwease* 14st 13lbs! I have once again cracked the 15st barrier. Whoop! This time I must push on to the next stone barrier as in previous visits to the under 15 mark I have ballsed it all up by putting a few pounds back on again. NOT THIS TIME!!

What am I going to do differently this time? I will:
  • Start week 4 of C25K.
  • Exercise in the mornings - I just can't get my head around doing it at any other time.
  • Drink more water. Lots more water.
  • Continue to try different protein packed breakfasts', as they keep me going till lunchtime.
  • Keep reading motivational blogs. I have found lots on Tumblr that have great little motivational/healthy messages such as "If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple, you aren't hungry at all." Very true!

Saturday, 23 April 2011

An Easy Breezy Lazy Sunshine Post

This gorgeous weather + fun in the sun with friends the past few weekends = severe blog neglect.

A long weekend in London last weekend and some out of office work meetings last week derailed my next week of the C25K. However, I have still been concentrating on healthy eating and yesterday I did the 30 day shred (and am paying for it today!)

So I don't have anything else to share today except...

make yourself proud ladies!
Source: No one ever achieved anything by giving up!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Week Review + Hooping

A bit of a belated review of last week but it was a good week!
  • Lost 2lbs. Now 15st on the nose.
  • Completed week 3 of C25K.
  • Did my pilates DVD on my 'day off'.
  • Went back on the wii fit for the first time in over 170 day (oopsie!)
I'd talked about hula hooping before and after an unsuccessful experience with Davina's hoop that I bought from Argos (it was too small, but too wide and I took it back) I decided to get some hooping action from the Wii fit. I unlocked the 10 min hula-hoop ages ago and had forgotten what it was like. I chose that first to get my heart pumping and MY GOD, I'd forgot how intense it was! About a minute in I was staring at the time ticking down in the corner thinking "4 mins left of this??" Then when I had finished one way you are right back in to swivelling the t'other way!

It's such a good workout and that plus some jogging, boxing and yoga moves managed to give my muscles a good challenge. Note to self - don't leave it another 170 days before you revisit the Wii Fit!

Friday, 1 April 2011

Moving On

I just did something I've been thinking about for a wee while now. My week of positive thinking/being nice to myself has given me the confidence to finally cancel my Weight Watchers subscription. Here are my reasons why:
  • I just do not believe in/like Pro Points. I know its loved and worked for millions of people but it is just not for me.
  • I do not want to track points/think about food as points for the rest of my life.
  • I want to look at food in terms of nutrition rather than "ooh I have enough points left for a bag of crisps!"
  • I know how to do this lose weight business. I know what foods to eat more of and what to eat in moderation and I know what exercise I like.
  • SparkPeople is an amazing FREE resource that I look forward to checking daily. The WW site could get some tips off it.
  • It's time for me to step out of my comfort zone. Stop relying on the safety net of WW and continue this journey on my own two feet.
 I feel focused and excited! This weekend will be dedicated to getting myself organised and develop a plan that is perfect for me. The Sezzajp plan!