Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cracked It!!

Let's get straight to it. Weighed in this morning. 2lb loss. Excellent. What is even more exciting is I have now successfully cracked the 15st barrier. Woooo! I'm well chuffed :)

I'm doing things a tad differently this time. Instead of focusing on exercise, I'm turning my full attentions to monitoring my calorie intake (on MyFitnessPal). Which I have done before to little success, but this time instead of always trying to come under my calorie "allowance" I am trying to eat all my allowed calories. I've read many theories about this and it basically comes down to if you don't eat enough to compensate for your basic BMR (how many calories your body needs to function, not counting any movement whatsoever) then your metabolism is going to slow and therefore your energy-burning arsenal won't be working to its full potential. Seems to be working so far so I'm sticking with it.

Apart from walking, I haven't done any additional exercise but I will be going back to my Zumba class and doing some Pilates so will see how that effects things. I did go see Example in Manchester last night though and think I must have sweated at least one of those two pounds I lost today!!

My next goal is to reach 14st 7lbs, and I'm putting a shopping ban on myself until I do! Then will treat myself will a few frivolous purchases when I reach it :)

Until then, hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! x

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Break the Barrier

Quickie post. I am currently very close to breaking that goddamn 15st barrier (for what feels like the 15th time!) I recently went back to logging my daily food intake on My Fitness Pal, which is SO much easier than Sparkpeople (and unlike WW it is free!) So my next post should be in celebration of meeting that goal. Focus, focus, focus.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Werrrk Ouuut!

Girl look at that body.
Girl look at that body.
Girl look at that body.

Just how annoyingly addictive is that song?! I find myself just randomly shouting "I work out!" in work!

With my renewed gym-lovin', and after being peed off with my bland Zumba outfit the other night, I made a trip to TK Maxx last night to pick up some new workout togs.

Nike running top; Nike bra top; Reebok workout pants. Total price: £27.99.
Can somebody please explain to me why the UNISEX changing rooms at TK Maxx have these ridiculous saloon-type doors that are so pointless that people walking past can see directly into your cubicle?! I have never tried clothes on so fast!

I plan on treating myself to some new running trainers soon. After the amazing service from Sports Direct (literally next day delivery - when you only ordered after 6pm the night before!) I think I'll pick them from there.

I was Gone and Now I'm Back

I'm sure that is a lyric from a song but for the life of me I can't remember which one! Anyhoo, it neatly sums up my blog absence in one sentence.

Basically, I haven't not been trying to lose weight, it just hasn't been my main focus for the past few months (some relationshippy-stuff got in the way) but now the tides have turned and out of everything I have realised that I am the only person who can make myself happy, truly happy. And I'm feeling better about everything already!

After a layoff of a few months I made my grand re-entrance to la gym (well I may have exaggerated slightly - I just ended up trudging in all bleary eyed and hating myself for getting up so early). I have started the C25K plan for the six millionth time - I swear I will finish it one day!

That afternoon whilst in work I perused the gym timetable and saw my much beloved Zumba class was a) now free (GET IN!!) and b) was now on twice a week (DOUBLE GET IN!) So that evening I trudged back to the gym for the second time that day to get my Zumba-on. I bloody loved it! There is a new tutor (who I love) but she did seem content to kill us by making us do every type of squat to one song! But then anything to 'downsize' the thighs - I'm all over it!!

With the C25K plan being based over 3 days per week, the Zumba classes fit in perfectly to fill in the two other days. I also would like to try the pilates class on a Saturday morning (didn't make it today but ended up doing a killer pilates DVD in its place). So my proposed workout schedule will look something like this:

Monday: C25K.
Tuesday: Zumba class.
Wednesday: C25K.
Thursday: Zumba class.
Friday: C25K.
Saturday: Pilates class or DVD.
Sunday: Thy day of rest!

Let me know your exercise plan - because I'm nosey like that ;)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I Want to do a Handstand...

...and other non-scale related goals for 2012.

I want to:

-Do a handstand and cartwheel (was pants at these even in school).
-Complete the c25k training, and...
-Complete a 5k. Whether that is in a race or just a morning jog before work on my own...just so long as I run/jog continuously for 5k.
-Master the art of lunging i.e get deeper without over-balancing.
-Do more Pilates to improve balance (which is so shocking I fall over thin air) and flexibility.
-Be one of those people whom I currently look up to/get inspired by/am slightly intimidated by.
-Wear a crop top to workout in (in public!)
-Take my 'after' photo.
-Start swimming lessons (been on my 'to do' list for yeaaaars).
-Try Kettlebell training.
-Firm up through incorporating more strength training.
-Pack my lunch and camera and go hiking for the day.
-Make turning to exercise rather than food the habit.
-Keep going, going, going.

Some of these are a bit silly and vain, some aren't really goals - more just reminders to myself to never get discouraged, all are achievable!


Friday, 30 December 2011

So...that was 2011

I have not blogged on here for ten years (ok, maybe a few months) so...what have I been doing with myself? Well Sarah, here is a handy bullet point list to remind you:

*I kept a food diary, on Sparkpeople, for over a month. Every single bite accounted for. I lost a disappointingly small ammount of 2lbs, of which was knocked off the extra 4lb I had put on the few months before.
*My love for Zumba was reignited and I dusted off the DVDs.
*Weight before Xmas nomming: 15st 2lbs.
*Current weight: ......yeah RIGHT! That would just top off my end of year blues perfectly! Once normal eating has resumed I will face the scale and tell you allllll about it.

I had a lovely Christmas and hope everyone else did too. I just absolutely hate new year's eve/end of year/new year. I always reflect over the past 12 months and I have to admit that 2011 has been a strange one for me and thinking about it is making me feel a bit teary. In a nutshell I can remember exactly how I felt this time last year and how focused I was on kicking on with the whole get fit goal and how 2011 was going to be THE year that I did it. And I just didn't. I'm left feeling that I've totally disappointed myself and wasted this year putting on and losing the same bloody 7lbs all year and getting nowhere.

I've said countless times before how procrastination is my downfall and that is the main reason I stayed away from this blog as I didn't want to announce a new plan (oh god how I love the plans!) for me to only lose motivation/interest and look for a new answer. But I need an outlet and somewhere to dump out all these neg thoughts and occasional rants. So I'm back dear blog!

With 2012 peeking round the corner I really should be setting out my goals for the year ahead and writing out my 12 week plans, posting motivational quotes and announcing how 2012 will be my year. But I'm not. Not yet anyway. I need to get my head back in the game. I need to want it bad enough.

Until then. Hope everyone has a lovely NYE and I'll see you in 2k12!! Xx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Shred Day 2

...done :)

At this present moment in time I can feel every worked muscle...which just so happens to be every muscle in my body. I loves it!

Looking foward to completing day 3. Baby steps. I'm all about the baby steps this time.