Thursday, 1 September 2011

A Year From Now You'll Be Wishing You Started Today

Those words strike to the very core of me:

A Year From Now You'll Be Wishing You Started Today

How many times have I come to the end of a year wishing that I'd kept up those good intentions and habits from the start of the year instead of letting them slide.

After not visiting the gym or any kind of sustained exercise for MONTHS I had a bit of a light bulb/motivational moment a couple of days ago. After chatting about how we couldn't believe it was nearly September with a friend it struck me that September meant there were only four months left of 2011. Which then means it is four and a half months till my next birthday. SCARY. At that moment I decided that I am not going to finish 2011 wishing I had kept up my hard work from the start of the year and I am not spending my birthday wishing I could have worn THAT dress that I couldn't fit into.

It's time to finish what I started.

So, on Wednesday morning (6am sharp) I arose to haul myself down to the gym. Bag and breakfast all packed the night before I swooped down there just as it was opening it doors (fearing if I spent a minute longer in my house I would talk myself out if it) and re-familiarised myself with the machines.

I really enjoyed it and couldn't remember why I had talked myself out of it for so long. The only drag is getting up early to workout before work but I figured that it takes 10 seconds to turn the alarm off, stretch and get out of bed - hard part over - then it's relatively easy from then on!

Not wanting to lose momentum I went to the gym this morning and shall be going tomorrow morning too (Ooh get me!) just because I want to finish the week off nicely.

My plan from now on is:

  • Monday - Gym (C25K + weights + abs).
  • Tuesday - Pilates
  • Wednesday - Gym (same routine as Mon).
  • Thursday - Zumba
  • Friday - Gym (same routine as Mon).
  • Sat/Sun - one day for rest and one day for a home DVD workout, whatever I feel like.
The days I'm not at the gym are subject to change but the gym routine will stay the same as I like following the C25K (even though I've had to go back to week one again!)

I feel in the best frame of mind for a long time.

Four months until the end of the year. Four months of getting up early and putting in the effort. Four months to start finishing what I started.