Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Review

There is 45 mins until 2010 is done and dusted and the fresh new start of 2011 is upon us all. 45 mins, I thought, to have a look back over my year and look forward to the next 12 months.

Let me take you back to January 2010 - Christmas, New Year and my birthday were all over and I felt absolute shite, weighing in around the 18st stone marker. I felt sluggish, unattractive, embarrassed, unhealthy and generally crap. It was at this time where I started to make a real effort of losing weight and being more healthy.

I dropped the first couple of stone by myself then, as I came to a plateau, joined WW online and then the gym. With this combination I slowly creeped to under 15st for the first time in a LONG time. But then...

A holiday and some work comitments took my eye of the prize and I started to put a few pounds on, then off, then on...etc.

I was determined that this Xmas I wouldn't indulge as much as last year as I didn't want to feel like I did at the beginning of this journey. What have I gone and done? Stuffed myself silly! I feel like I have been let loose from some self imposed ban and over indulged in everything, which then makes me think - have I learnt anything at all?

On WW I eat if I have points left rather than whether I'm hungry or not (bad). The Pro Points came at a bad time and I don't think I have really got to grips with it, mainly because the weeks I put in the effort I got a very unrewarding result of STS or 1lb loss. Xmas is obviously still a lesson to be learnt in self restraint - I just can't imagine tracking over this period.

So I'm sat here feeling quite merry (due to the large amounts of alcohol consumed....hic!) but deep down i'm dissapointed in myself for taking huge strides backwards, I feel really pap :( I'm dying to go to the gym and start eating normally but I have another family buffet to go to tomorrow so......ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just need all this excess food and booze to dissapear as if it is around me I cannot resist temptation (maybe for one day, but not the next).

Anyways, the positives of this year have shown I can lose when I put my mind to it but I am debating in WW is really the right method for me.

On the exercise front I joined a new exercise class and fell in love with Zumba, tried the imfamous Shred and got back into gym time before work.

I just need to get my head back in the game (and stop dipping my hand in the Quality Street tin!)

Let's end this post on a high note! I have high hopes for 2011 - I want to visit New York, get a job in the creative sector, get my own pad, and obviously lose weight. I'm not making any resolutions but i'm going to maintain blogging and look forward to my 2011 Review post reporting on a fun-filled, successful year!! Xxx

Monday, 20 December 2010

So this is Christmas...

...and what have I done? Um well apart from do my back in which has therefore kyboshed any exercise efforts, have lots of fun getting in the festive spirit with friends and eating myself into a food coma over the weekend, with an added extra of Harry Potter viewing my mum and lots of cadbury's chocolate consumption...err nowt!

My back is really sore at the moment, not helped by the arctic conditions, and totally ruined my exercise efforts which had started off so well last week. Ah well...

I lost a pound last week, then put 3lbs on this week. That feeling off "ah what the heck, it's CHRISTMAS" has crept up on me. I'm trying to be smart and not let myself eat for the sake of it, but in reality I think the break over the next couple of weeks is what I need. I haven't tracked for the last two weeks, ooh I feel bad.

Exercise is the thing that gets me into the right frame of mind to eat right and without that i'm just not feeling it at the moment. So i'm taking a break and will be back at it as soon as my back feels ok. If i'm really honest though, i've not been feeling WW since Pro Points was introduced, I followed it to the letter for the first three weeks and lost arounf 1lb - hardly inspiring stuff. Anyways...

It's been a mega busy day at work today (more busy that any other time this year - and I don't work in retail) and i'm really hankering for a festive drink tonight! So cheers and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!

Hopefully Santa (and by Santa I mean bloody well deliver my goodies before Friday, otherwise it will be a very sad Christmas this year!!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Exercise Motivation

So I had a tidgy smidgy rant/moan yesterday, non?! I have decided that the thing that always gets me out of my slump is the thing i've been avidly avoiding for the past couple of weeks - EXERCISE!!

Sooo, I rectified this tonight by completing the cardio workout from my Zumba kit and *drumroll please* I have packed my gym kit tonight ready for a workout tomorrow morning!

I ummned and ahhed about it for ages and just thought sod it - so what if I have to get up earlier and so what if it's freezing and i'm going to have to defrost my car before I set off...ooh nope begone negative thoughts!
Nothing worth having is ever easy, you have to work for it. So this is me working like a mofo for it!

I plan to go to the gym at least once more this week, as well as completing some exercise dvds in between. This is the week where I turn it all around!!

Y'see, PMA (positive mental attitude) Does wonders....

Ooh nearly forgot - I looked up one of my fave fitness websites - Shape online - and there was a feature of exercise motivation quotes from 'real people'. Check them out here.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Getting Real

I hate the cold, it makes me tired and hungry which = disaster for Sarah.

At last week's weigh in I managed at 4lb gain, after I had tracked every day and did a little bif of exercise (not as much due to being ill earlier in the week). After getting over the initial shock I put it into perspective and decided to crack on as I had been...which then trailed off into me not tracking all week and doing no exercise, therefore I have STS this week.

It's not like I have been eating crap 24/7, in fact I have been eating pretty much the same as usual, but I have been to a few conferences with work and have eaten/drank more than I usually would - including the cinema tonight where I just grazed on popcorn for 2 hours (I now feel sick).

The freezing temperatures have just completley derailed my exercise efforts. I cannot BEAR moving from one room of the house the the other, let alone stick an exercise dvd on or nip out to the gym. I know it's all a state of mind but I just haven't had it in me the past couple of weeks.

On top of the weather I have been searching for some direction in life, doing many searches for my next move and looking into my options. Although it can be exciting having the world at your feet and thinking you are capable of anything, this thought lasts for about 20 mins with me before the doubts creep in - "you think you are capable of doing that. YOU?! Really?! Don't make me laugh" "you aren't intelligent/experienced/qualified/confident/thin/pretty enough to attempt THAT!" Ugh. Why am I so down on myself?

I don't feel I really have anyone to talk through my hopes for the future with. My friends and workmates have given me pep talks and are very encouraging but even then it's kind of all left down to me to figure out - i'd really need some guidance. I think the main prob is that my parents, although amazing, are a bit funny when it comes to anything I want to do that involves risk (i.e. moving away etc) they are just over cautious and really protective of me, but in doing that they lack giving me a bit of a push a boost when I announce I want to do something. Therefore I haven't told them about my desires to do something different as I'm worried they will vocalise all the doubts I run round in my head anyways.

So all the above has started to stress me out a bit and today especially I have eaten too much and I feel rubbish about it. My skin looks bad, I feel slow and lethargic and i'm terrified of slipping back into old ways and piling on the weight over christmas. I still haven't learned my lesson and still turn to food in times of stress.

Tomorrow is another day yadda yadda, blah blah, I'm going to try and start tracking as of tomorrow but I have lost the motivation for WW at the moment. I'm going to try and fully embrace it and see if I can get back on track. Sometimes I feel like i'm just going to be fat forever.

Ugh, hate feeling this way, you wouldn't know but i've had quite a fun day today!

Sunday, 14 November 2010

2 Sweet Lbs, 10% and Dietgirl Adventures

My first Pro-Points WI resulted in a loss of 2lbs. I'm happy with this as my weight loss is so Goddamn slow that 2lbs is very much welcomed!

Also, this very much loved 2lb loss has meant that I have finally, finally, fiiiiiiiiiiiiinally reached my 10% goal. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (This is kind of false excitement, in reality my reaction was more like "oh, good. What's for lunch?"

I'm a bit annoyed with the WW site as for the past few days it hasn't been saving my planner, after i'd just spent ages updating it. Meaning i'd have to go back in and re-do it all. ARGH! Then i'm not thrilled at the prospect of having to update ALL my saved recipes, the most irritating thing being that you have to update something like an egg - and choose what kind of egg (egg white, raw, boiled?) but that it does it for every recipe that uses an egg - but if I pick raw egg what about those recipes where I use boiled egg instead? The internal rage is building in the pit of my stomach. ALSO, you cannot get into your recipe to check the measurements of the ingredient that it wants you to update - so, say we are using eggs again - how many frigging eggs went into that recipe it wants me to update?! The site always finds someway to annoy me and I think for online users paying a tenner a month the site should be far more user friendly and generally less annoying.

Anyway, onto less irritating things. I received The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl book yesterday and can't put it down. I've nearly finished it!  Reading it makes me want to go out and have my own adventures, travel, meet new people and start having a life. Yet still I wait around to be guided by someone else. I'm too much of a coward to take a big chance all by myself. HUFFFFFF. God i'm in a bad mood tonight?! I really just don't want to go to work tomorrow. Nowt really wrong with it but i'm just fed up. Boo. Going to go and watch Take That on X Factor - that should cheer me up, for three mins anyways.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Face Time

In the pursuit of the 'perfect' body, or at least a slimmer version of what you have now, do you ever contemplate your face?

I have a really strange thing (for want of a better word) where I can't judge anything about my face. When I was planning a haircut last month I spent ages looking up online how you measure what face shape you have as I just could not tell by looking at it (it's round btw...I think). I also can't tell if my eyes/ears/nose is big/small/crooked...the list is endless.

My face is something that isn't going to ever change, even when I get to my goal weight. I may have a more defined jawline (less chin-age) but all the features will remain the same.

So, why have I suddenly taken an interest in my face? Am I totally vain and ego centric?! No! (well maybe a tad yes!) but it is something I cannot avoid and it is the one things that is always picked out by other people. I cannot count the times people at work or home have said to me "ooh you've lost weight, you can really tell by your face..."

Tonight I decided to take a few close-up piccies (woooaaaah extreme close-up! Something for all you Wayne's World fans.) I took a few on my phone and decided I looked a bit, well, knackered. So I put on a quick bit of slap and clicked away.

There is a point to all of this. After looking at the pics I thought, right, put it up on the blog next to an old pic and reaaaaaally look for the differences. So here we go:


Now come on Sez, use your noggin - can you spot the difference? Well even with my inability to disect my own visage I can come to the conclusion that after losing almost 4 stone (since January) you can deffo see it in my face :)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

A Quick One...

Speed posting...

Made WW Cornish Pasties (they were lush) Pro Points of 9 per pastie. One left over, having it for lunch tomorrow with huge salad....

Was absolutely freezing so resorted to exercise dvd to warm up. It worked. 50 mins of 10 minute solution Hip Hop Dance Mix. One Word: ADDICTED!

Recently stumbled across The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl blog (I know, late to the party). Cried tears of laughter at one of her archived posts (and I rarely LOL!). She is amazing. Have ordered her book this afternoon and downloaded a couple of her podcasts. Try them!

Daydreamed about moving to New York all day in work...

Monday, 8 November 2010

Oh to think like Eva Mendes!

I have just this minute read a quote from Eva Mendes, which goes like this "I feel absolutely no pressure about anything in my life." Dude, seriously?! I need some of what she's on!

Anyhoo, I came on here to post about my week etc yadda yadda, but that quote just sidetracked me for a min!

WI result on Sunday yielded a loss of 1lb, whoop! I am now 13lbs away from the 13s and my (less than) 12 week challenge goal.

After not going past the door all weekend (what?! I like to hibernate in this cold snap) I thought I would make myself useful by making some cheese and broccoli tarts - a WW recipe. They were fairly easy to make and were lush! I did take a photos but it really didn't do them justice! They came out at 6.5 points per tart. I had one (as they are quite big) plus a big salad, v.filling. Although I will have to recalculate everything as the new Pro-Points is finally available!

I had a quick look at the Pro-Points at lunchtime in work, then have had a more in depth look now. It's looks fairly simple, will just take time to get used to the new point values. Looking forward to it - especially as most fruit is 0 points, that helps with my work snacks!

And fiiiiinally...I have ordered the Zumba fitness pack, wohoo! Can't wait for them to arrive. I figured that I love it that much and seen as my instructor isn't going to be doing her classes for a month over Christmas...aaaaand just because I fancy treated myself, I bought them! :)

Ooh and deffo finally...a quick update of my two-left feet challenge. I LOVE the 10 min hip hop dvd, addicted to doing all the routines, but sadly I have not yet re-visited the Strictly dvd (out of fear!) I did, however, try a bit of the second Strictly dvd with Kelly and Flavia - and I got annoyed as Kelly is rubbish at giving instructions and looks amazing while I looked like a right clod hopper! Anyways, must persevere with it. Updates to follow.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Two Left Feet

After coming to the realisation I liked dance-type exercise I decided to purchase a couple of really cheap dancey dvd's.  To my complete delight, Mr Postman delivered them yesterday morning. I bought:

10 Minute Solution - Hip Hop Dance Mix [DVD]

Strictly Come Dancing - The Fitness Collection [DVD]

In my excitement I popped in the 10 Minute solution dvd straight away and did the first routine - Hip Hop Basics. I absoulutely LOVED it! It was really fun but fairly easy to follow (i'm sure it will get harder!) but it kept building and adding on moves so by the end of the ten mins you have two full dance routines completed. Love it. Love the format as well. You can pick and choose which of the five routines to do, and also in which order. I haven't tried any of the other routines yet but they will soon delved into!

Feeling pretty energetic I attempted the first of the double Strictly DVD package - the one with Karen and Erin. The warm up was fine and then it moved onto Erin explaining the Cha Cha Cha. OMG. The bit before the routine where she explains all the moves took about 10 minutes and I couldn't even get the steps right then. By the time she was ready for the routine I'd forgotten what a "New York" was, or any of the other millions of dance steps! I got slightly disheartened as it seemed pretty impossible but I continued on with Karen's Salsa, and even though I messed up quite a bit, the steps were much easier and it was a much more fun routine. It then moved onto Erin with the Quickstep - which looked so AMAZING! I sat and watched the routine in full before I attempted it. After going wrong in the first 20 seconds I went right back to the start of the routine to try and improve! I managed a little better but it still looked a mess! Karen's jive was too much for me so I just went straight to the Samba, which is a nice routine.

This dvd is quite a challenge as the dance steps are PROPER dance steps, not some aerobic cop-out, so in a way i'm glad about that as at least I will be learning a new skill (sort of...) So i'm going to persevere with the routines - it is my new challenge! There are a lot of reviews on Amazon complaing about the complexity of the routines, but my thoughts are if it was easy to pick up in the first go you would get really bored with it in no time.

I haven't tried the other one with Kelly Brook and Flavia, but I watched a few of the routines and they look quite fun, so I may have a try of them later today.

In other news...I am now back in the 14s! Wohoo! I'm really pleased to have lost 1lb this week and feel really motivated to push on.

As it is less than 12 weeks to my Birthday I have set myself a new (almost) 12-week Challenge, whereby I want to lost 1 stone, which in turn would mean I have cracked the next stone barrier and would be in the 13s. It will be hard with Christmas in between but I've already started plannin WW-type food for the Christmas period and am determined not to put weight on, as I can remember how crap I felt at nearly 18stone on my birthday last year.

As always, I shall report back on my 12 week, and also my two-left feet progress!

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Seasons Change Yet I Remain the Same

The change in seasons always affects me and I hate having to get up for work when it is still dark outside, then by the time you are finished and ready to go home it is dark again! Booooo. I'm not even going to mention how cold it is and the various cold germs flying around the office...

Because of all of the above I have failed to go to the gym for quite a few weeks. Getting up at 6am to toddle off to the gym just ain't gonna happen if I have to de-frost my car, all bleary-eyed, beforehand. However, I have maintained my Zumba classes twice a week. Now, if I can get up off my arse at 8pm (when I have already worked all day, had my tea and started to settle down) brave the dark and cold, drive 30mins and go sweat it out for an hour - why can I not do this for the gym? Answer: gym is boring, Zumba is fun!

I know I need to exercise more than twice a week and I should probably do more toning, BUT I just cannot be bothered. My distaste for the colder seasons may seem like a weak excuse, and I would forgive you for thinking that, but it is a reality. I. Just. Cannot. Be. Arsed. My motivation for something I don't particularly find enjoyable has completley waned.

I've been going to a gym for a couple of years now and always have this problem in the lead up to Christmas - it's just hibernation time and it seems so alien to be getting into a t-shirt to go for a run. The only way to get myself out of my gym rut is to just go. Go and don't even think about it.

Anyways, onto the fun things, I LOVE zumba, would do it every night if it wasn't so pricey (£3.50-£5.00 for an hours session - JEEZO!) I actually decided that I would order the Zumba dvd pack that you can find on the official Zumba website. I've been thinking about it for a while and got a bonus from work last week so though, what the heck! Unfortunately the sodding website has that extra credit card protection thing, of which i'm locked out of mine (because I forgot one of the million passwords you have to remember in today's modern life) so I couldn't order it. Not that I was annoyed you understand (DBSKFBEWDBFSebfasklnkJBvbsufbvasofibasd fkldsnfSWLKM!!!!!!!!) Ahem. I should really ring the credit card up to get it unlocked but to be honest it can wait. So no Zumba dvds for me...yet.

Reaaaaally trying to give myself a pep talk into doing one of my exercise dvds do other people manage to do this schiz?!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mmm Chicken Tonight!

After being inspired one lazy Sunday evening from watching Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meal programme. His Piri-Piri chicken and chilli mash looked bloody lovely! I got the recipe off his website and toddled off to the shops in my lunch hour to aquire the goods.

I made it as soon as I got in from work this evening - I was quite excited to make a new meal, is this sad?! Anyhoo, it took me a bit more than 30 mins - mainly because I don't have Jamie's mad knife skillz, so chopping up the corriander et al took a wee while longer.

I had a quick taste of the piri-piri sauce after I had whizzed all the ingredients together and it was HOT! I was really worried it was going to blow mine and my fam's heads off! Luckily it was a major success and everything complemented everything else, so the lemon rocket salad balanced the hot chicken sauce, so therefore it didn't blow my head off, it was just really flavoursome. Everyone else really liked it too, yayeee! My only gripe was the mash, the sweet potato gave me a funny after taste so think I may make some homemade potato wedges to go with the chicken.

All in all i'm pleased and will deffo make it again. Plus I added it as a recipe on my Weight Watchers site and it has a points value of around 6.5 (I say around as I ended up substituting fry light for olive oil, but then used a bit of olive oil in the salad. So without olive oil it's 5.5, and with it around 6.5 - both amazing for a main meal).

Please don't judge it's tasty gorgeousness from my I had already tucked into it before realising I needed to take a pic to show one of my friends...and for my blog of course!

Mmmmmmmmmm!! Nom Nom Nom.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


I've been deliberating at what to post on here for a week now...and i'm writing this whilst watching XFactor so i'm obviusly giving this my full attention! Currently being distracted by One Direction...

So i've been having the same thought needling away at me all week - the feeling like I need change. Work is boring me - I need change. Life is boring me - I need change. At least I made a change in one, albeit small area of my life - my hair! Gone are the long flowing locks in place of a long bob (a 'lob'). I did initally want to go shorter but I chickened out - sums up my attitude to real change!

My mindset needs to change. My body needs to change.

I feel slightly lost at the moment. I don't know what to do with myself. I don't even think I know myself well enough to know what I really want to do - I don't have any particular life goals (other that currently, lose weight!) Wow...didn't realise this post was going to go so deep.

Right, lets list out some blimmin' goals (I must have some!):
  • Well lets get the most obvious one out of the way - LOSE WEIGHT!
  • I want to travel, especially Europe and America.
  • Re-start and continue my writing, build up a portfolio.
  • Take up a hobby (non exercise related) - learn an instrument, language...
  • Err, go to Wimbledon tournament (i'm struggling for ideas here!)
Right that's all I can think of at the mo, weak, I know!

...Will post a pic of my new hair when i'm looking 36% better looking :)

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I have returned

I'll get it out of the way - I put on 3lbs. There, said it. I am now back in the 15s (slight sigh!) but on the flip side, and more importantly, I had an AMAZING holiday. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute sightseeing in Belgium and Holland - and particularly enjoyed the Belgium beer and chocolate it is so famous for!

I have a little bit of post-holiday blues and the prospect of going back to work tomorrow isn't filling me with joy but I am re-focused on tracking my points (have already started that this morning) and I can't wait to get back to my two Zumba classes this week - actually missed them while I was away! I also need to get down the gym a couple of times this week, may go this afternoon, will see how it goes.

Anyways, I not concerned at all about the weight gain as I know that with the tracking and exercise those 3lbs will be burnt off over the next few weeks.

Sooo just to re-iterate, here is a list of my next short-term goals/focuses:
  • Lose the 3lbs holiday gain over the next two weeks
  • Achieve the above to get back into the 14s
  • Zumba class twice a week
  • Go to the gym at least once before work
  • Exercise at the weekend (even if it is just on the wii or a walk)

Sunday, 3 October 2010

In the words of the Fresh Prince...Drumroll please!

Well I only went and bloody did it! Lost the 1lb needed to finally crack the 15st barrier and I am now in the 14s. Yay!

I thought I would be more (cue word I never use) cock-a-hoop but I actually quite calm about it, mainly for two reasons:

  1. I would like to be a few more lbs down, where I am well and truly in the 14s, rather than just on the border, before I can really celebrate being in that bracket.
  2. I'm going on holiday tomorrow for a week and I intend on enjoying myself so even with the increased activity (there will be a lot of walking around) with eating out for most meals and having some drinks I anticipate that the 1lb will be coming back on next weigh in.
I'm not concerned about point two in the slightest (maybe this is wrong of me?!) I work hard and I am not going to deny myself anything on my holiday - obviously i'm not going to go mad but I will not be trying to figure out the points values in anything!

So for now I am going to go around with a big smile on my face for cracking a stone barrier, oh and earning my third 7lb star (so have lost a total of 21lbs since joining WW in June), pack my case for my hols and get an early night - have to be up at 4am (GROAN!)

Will post some piccies when I come back :)

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Mrs Inspired from Inspiredville

Woah. Anybody see the final of the Biggest Loser series 8 on Sky One last night? I settled down for the double episode and was just astounded at the amount of weight all the contestants had lost and how good they all looked. I especially thought Rebecca looked amazing and was so inspired by her as she is my age and I really identified with her.

The marathon that the four contestants had to run in the final week really struck a chord with me. I remember seeing them do it in the last series and it had a huge impact too. Now, I am not a runner, never have been. But seeing them, all shapes and sizes and ages, pushing through to complete the 26.2 miles really got me thinking. If they can do it, I can do it. It's all mind over matter (oh, and a hell of a lot of training!) I've always said I want to run a marathon before i'm 30 and that is exactly what I intend to do! I'm going to re-start running at the gym and build from there, small baby steps but I have plenty of time to work my way up.

I felt really good after watching BL and it stayed with me all of today. I even went to my Zumba class even though I had a few excuses lined up in my subconscious as why I couldn't go. I went and I am now buzzing! This also got me thinking back to my WI dissapointment on Sunday. I figured that if exercise makes me feel this good, then I need to try to not get hung up about results. I need to drum it into my head that I do it because it makes me feel good, rather than I exercise because it works off X ammount of cals which means I should lose weight.

Oh, and apparently there is a Zumba fitness game being released on the Wii (in November in the US, so hopefully not long after over here). That will definitley be on my Christmas list!

Sunday, 26 September 2010


Yep, I'm not in the best of moods.

After my initial predictions I weighed myself this morning to find I had, for the the second week running, stayed the same. Now I am sensible enough to realise that the human body is not a robot and therefore doing X + X will not always = Y within a seven day period. BUT, something is obviously not right over two weeks with no loss.

I studied my online tracker for last week and I had saved over 17 points and worked up a further 17.5 activity points. So that is 34.5 points that I didn't use. I tracked like a demon, as always. I sweated my arse down the gym on Sunday, went for a long walk, Zumba three times in the week and my daily 3/4-2 mile walks at lunchtime. Seriously, what is going on?

I know the answer is to just carry on with what i'm doing this week, I don't really have an alternative, but i'm sick of not seeing the pay off that I think I really deserve. Even when i do lose weight it is SO slow that my goal weight way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay away.

To top eveything off the WW message boards aren't working for me so can't even have a rant on there (have had to e-mail customer services to get them to look into the error). So I logged on here to let off some steam. To be honest i'm actually more calm now than yesterday when I knew I just I haven't lost any weight.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh! Hate being this negative but it is just one of those days, or weeks rather!

For my scales sake I best lose some weight next Sunday or else they will be launched through my bathroom window!

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Please lock up my scales until official WI days!

I know I shouldn't do it, but I have. Nearly every day. Naughty. I cannot help myself!
So far I have been really good, and always when I've been staying well within my allowance and exercising regularly I feel I want to keep track of the good it is doing me, by having a peep on the scales before my WI is due (on Sunday).

Well i'll never learn because what i've seen so far is depressing and has got me into a spin this evening convincing myself that i'm not going to lose anything this week, despite my efforts, and that the 15st mark will still be there. Which has in turn got me annoyed that I could be potentially plateauing, ridiculous at my weight.

Anyways, official weigh in is three days off so going to try and put numbers out of my head and stay positive.

On a comical note, I went to Zumba tonight (3rd class this week, GET. IN!) and three new guys had joined. To say they were un-cooridinated was the understatement of the year! They really had me giggling as they looked like how little boys do when they try to dance - all arms and legs everywhere. Bless 'em!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Oh Sweet Internet!

I've haven't posted for ages due to my laptop power plug giving up the ghost and having to wait for the delivery of my new plug. Thankfully it as there waiting for me when I got home today - such a relief! My whole life seems to be orchestrated through my laptop!

I've got loads to update, which to save time i'll list in bullet points:

What's happened so far:
  • WI on Sunday - STS (GRRR!) The 14s alluded me this week but it WILL NOT happen next week.
  • All my exercise plans went up the spout as my dad was in hospital (he is out now thankfully).
  • I have signed up to the WW forum Seasons Challenge for Autumn - a great idea by one of the members, and it has been running for quite a while. A good motivator.

Exercise completed so far this week:

  • Sunday Morning: 7 mile power walk (in the peeind down rain!)
  • Sunday Afternoon: Gym 1 hour
  • Monday Evening: Zumba 45mins

Planned exercise for the rest of the week:

  • Tonight - Zumba 1 hr
  • Wednesday - shred or pilates dvd
  • Thursday - Zumba 45 mins
  • Friday - Gym or shred/pilates dvd

I'm feel like my exercise clothes are a little plain and dowdy so I am going to go now and look for some new bright stuff :)

Ahhh, it's good to be back!

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Chip, Chip, Chip...

The title of this post refers to me chipping away at the 15st marker.

After my week of being a saint I weighed on on Sunday and lost 1lb, bringing me to dead on 15st. My initial feelings were that of annoyance that I have still yet to break into the 14s, especially as I had a really good week. Then I started to see the bigger picture - another week's weight loss - thumbs up!

I am aiming to break into the 14s this week - just one measley pound would do the trick! So far I spent nearly 2 hours down thw gym on Sunday, went for a hilly walk around Wales on Monday, attempted a walk yesterday but was thwarted by the pissing down rain and gale force winds! Then last night I went to Zumba. I had intended on going to the gym this morning but due to the horrible weather and a few other things I had to/wanted to stay in the house.

Will try to do my pilates dvd tonight, then tomorrow is Zumba at the gym, and Friday I want to go to the gym before work...I reaaaaaaaaaaally want to see the back of these bloody 15s!

Friday, 10 September 2010

Moon Face

First of all I have to say I am loving my Friday night in! Have had quite a few mad weekends recently and this is the first Friday I have spent tucked up at home.

I thought I'd do a quick post about some comments I got from work this week. On Wednesday I was just washing my hands in the toilets when one of the ladies from work gave me a sideways glance, caught my eye then asserted that "you're losing weight aren't you?" To which I replied yes. "I can really tell in your face" she said. I thanked her as it was a really nice comment.

The next day I had three different people come up to me to give me really nice comments about my appearance. All of them noting how they could "tell by your face". LOL! I started to think that I must have a big moon face when I few stones heavier. I also think it may be due to me wearing my hair up on these particular days!

After studying my double chin in the mirror I can conclude that it is definitely not as podgy as it used to be. Score! High fives all round!

To be extra sure I asked my dad to study my graduation photo (from 2005) and see if he noticed a difference from then and now. Now I have to preface my Dad's response by saying he is always out for a laugh and making jokes, so he was only trying to make me be less serious about my face when he said "yeah, your face was a bit *puffs cheeks out* back then" Ha! Good job we have the same sense of humour :)

Thursday, 9 September 2010

So Far, So Saintly...

Well maybe a slight exaggeration there but I am being quite good :)

Monday I completed level one of Shred (sweat much?!), Tuesday I started a new Zumba class (where only me and my friend turned up! Dedicated much?!), yesterday I admit I didn't do anything after work (ooh, thou aren't being saintly much?! and tonight I am currently in my gym gear waiting to go to the gym for my usual Zumba class tonight (Zumba fangirl much?!)

Still tracking every day as per usual. On that point, has anyone else seen all the talk about the new WW plan that is going to be introduced? Apparently it's this new Pro Points thing where the way points are calculated is going to change, to include carbohydrates as well as calories and saturated fat. Fruit and veg will all be free now. The new plan hasn't officially been launched but I checked out a link on the forums to a Dutch WW version which explained it - have a look (will need to translate page). What does everyone else think? Personally I think it's going to be initially hard to get used to but counting the amount of carbs can only be a good thing as I don't think WW takes that into consideration enough, the same with sugars and salt...

...anyways best get off here and get my bum down the gym! :)

Monday, 6 September 2010

This Week Thou Shall be a Saint

Amen to that!

So last week was kind of mixed. I got back into tracking, got back down the gym, went to my Zumba class and did my pilates dvd (the good stuff), but then I didn't do any form of exercise Friday to Sunday and I went over my point allowance both days over the weekend, especially on Sunday due to a Nando's lunch with a friend (the not-so-good stuff).

This week I want to be really good (saintly is a bit extreme!). So after having an inital false start as I didn't go to the gym before work as planned (due to me being really unhappy that the weekend was over) I got down to it tonight and put in my Shred dvd. Only the second time of doing it but I really do like it. It's 20 mins of pure GO!GO!GO! but 20 mins is not that long and you can really feel that you've worked hard (I can definitely feel it in my arms as I type this...)

For the rest of the week I want to go to a new Zumba class tomorrow night, as well as my usual Thursday night class. Do Shred at least one more time, do a couple of sessions of my pilates dvd and do at least one gym session before work this week.

In terms of food just track, track, track...

Right, going to go. In the middle of watching The Biggest Loser on Sky One - love it! So good for motivation.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Get Ya Head in the Game

Hmm, I feel I am a tad too old to be using High School Musical references in my blog title...ah whatevs!

Well the festival and bank hol are well and truly over, in more ways than one. I have tried as hard as I can this week to knuckle down and get back to tracking everything (seriously, 2 days away from doing it seems like an eon!) and I finally got back into doin some exercise (walks at lunchtime - which I was still doing anyway - and I did my pilates dvd last night and...wait for it...went to the gym before work this morning! Wohoo.

I'm not able to go all guns blazing yet as I have, rather annoyingly, a piffling cold that seems to have swept the office (and the nation! Saw Stephen Fry moan about having one on Twitter yesterday...) So hopefully by next week normal order will have resumed.

I forgot to mention that over the weekend I wore my trusty LBD (which was £10 from Tesco, ssssshhhhh!) and what once fit me snugly is now a tad too loose (there was serious boobage in the photo's!) I was a bit sad as it was my go-to dress but i'm so pleased to have a validation of all my hard work so far - it means so much more than a number on a scale, and it means I simply HAVE to buy a new dress! Happy days :)

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just write it off!

Well let's just say this week has been a total write-off. After post-festival depression, being manically busy at work, and feeling under the weather I haven't visited the gym, or any kind of exercise dvd once.

I was doing well so far as food, and was still tracking everything, until Friday when I went out for lunch AND tea, and drank quiiiiite a few glasses of pinot. Ah well, it's the bank holiday and I was catching up with some friends so decided to cut loose a bit. Then yesterday I went out in Manchester with a friend to look for a costume for a fancy dress party and ended up going to Nando's for tea, then at the party last nigh the alcohol was floooooowing :) (I went as Satan to the party was an 'S' theme).

So anyway, I'm feeling rough today - not just the hangover but I have a really sore thoat so I'm just going to kick back today and try and get myself feeling better. As soon as the sore throat bogs off I will be finally starting the 30 day shred and getting back down the gym. In the meantime I am back to tracking points everyday (just put my lunch points in). Oh and no more alcohol for a good while now! :)

Monday, 23 August 2010

Back to Reality :(

V Fest 2010 is over :( It's been emotional. I'm already feeling the post-festival blues. At least I had today off to contemplate it all (i.e how AMAZING it was) but now I can feel the doom descending as I realise I have to go back into work tomorrow :( x 10000.

Anyways, I'll post a proper update later when I get my head around being back to normal life. Just thought I'd mention I weighed myself this morning and had lost 2lbs! Whoop! Should think so with all the bloody standing up I did over the weekend (the aching legs was worth seeing Kings of Leon up close!)

On another note, I've just updated my WW weight tracker and it still bloody thinks i'm on maintenece even though my goal weight is clearly showing (which obviously i'm miles off yet) - anybody having the same prob or know how to rectify it? The WW website really irritates me at time as i'm paying over a tenner a month for the priveldge and it just doesn't meet expectation at times.

Right, gonna look at my photos from the weekend :) X

Friday, 20 August 2010

V Overload

V Festival is only hours away! Music! Mates! Fun! The rather lovely looking Kings of Leon! This is all I can think about at the moment :)

I had the day booked off work and spent much of it faffing around picking out what i'm going to wear over the weekend. It was a hard task as God knows what the weather is going to do. I went for the layer option so hopefully i'm prepared for every eventuality. I just hope the ground isn't going to get wet and muddy as you really need to sit down at some point!

Anyways, It has come to the end of my 12-week challenge and even though my official weigh in day isn't until Sunday I weighed myself this morning and it looks like I am 2-3lbs off my target of 15st. I'm not disheartend by this as I have lost more than a stone over this period and feel so much fitter and mentally ready to push on with this weight loss malarkey.

When the V weekend is over I am going to start the 30 day shred on Monday, working in the Pilates for Dummies DVD also (did that last night) and obviously keep up the gym workouts. So I think I will set myself my next weight goal over the 30 days. I'll post that on Monday - can't get my head around anything non-festival related at the minute!

Also, I will report back on how my eating went over the weekend. I'm taking a few Nairns oatcakes and breakfast bars for snacks, but obviously can't take a lot more as don't want to cart round a heavy bag all day. From what I can remember from last year there was a healthy eating corner of the food stands (although we didn't visit that area!) so will check that out.

Right, well i'm off to faff around some more and get an early night :) Xx

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What's in the Box? Part Two...

No need to wonder this time - of course it was the 30 Day Shred waiting for me tonight!

I have never been so aprehensive before starting an exercise dvd before! It is just that I have heard SO much about it (there is always a handful of threads on any WW message board about it) and it was apparently going to kill me and make me walk like John Wayne for a week.

I actually watched the whole of level one before attempting it. Then I stuck on the exercise gear and started...

...and you know what? I loved it! Much like the pilates dvd I did yesterday, it is only just over 20 mins long and you move between the three sections really quickly and just when you reckon you need to flop on the floor, it's time for the cooldown (YAY!)

You do three circuits comprising of the three intervals (Strength, Cardio, Abs) and with each circuit you do a different set of moves - alternating two moves per interval. The sections are obviously really taxing, but I found I could keep up with the beginner moves in level one (almost, I had to drop out a couple of reps before I was supposed to a couple of times..)

I found Jillian to be really encouraging - and not in a fake, annoying way. Just when I felt like stopping and going to bed in one of the cardio sections she gets really encouraging and tells you that you are strong and CAN finish it, you just have to fight, and you know what? It really spurred me on and I got a second wind.

I'm so glad I like it as after all the hype I was worried I would be dissapointed.

So today was just the tester. I shall be starting the 30 days next week (after I have come home from V festival over the weekend) and will report back on, hopefully, the results. Will take my measurements before I start.

Off topic...please all send good vibes to Mother Nature and ask her politely to refrain from peeing down on me this weekend!!!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

What's in the box?

I just love a parcel! When I got home from work tonight there was the familiar sight of a brown amazon box waiting for me. Yay I thought! I'll be shredding tonight. I ripped open the box only to find...the other exercise dvd I bought - Pilates for Dummies. Ow man!

Oh well! I've been moaning about starting up pilates again and the reviews for this dvd were really good so I decided to try it this evening.

I've just finished it and I really liked it. It reminded me a lot of my class I used to go to. You start with 20 minutes of a standing up workout and then 15 minutes of mat work. It ticked all the boxes, got my heart going (the first part of the workout really gets you out of breath), worked out my stomach muscles and gave my back (and pretty much everything else) a reaaaally nice stretch and it was over in no time!

After a intense day at work, it was the perfect way to wind down at the end of the day - whilst also working off the cals.

So maybe it wasn't the exact dvd I was anticipating (the 30 day Shred will have to be tackled another day - come on mr postman!) it ended up being exactly just what I needed!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday, Salsa and Shred

Weighed myself this morning annnnd...another 2lbs have been worked off :)

I am now 4lbs away from my original 12-week-to-V-Fest goal. I seriously doubt I am going to drop 4lbs this week but I am going to work really hard to get as close as I can!

After going to Zumba on Thursday I felt like really doing some more of the same exercise. So yesterday afternoon I revisted the Rosemary Conley Salsacise dvd, and really enjoyed it! I opted to do the final level - 30 mins long. I used to think this was quite taxing but after doing Zumba this was a nice gentle warm up by comparison!

This week I want to do the salsa dvd a few times, as well as going to the gym and Zumba on Thursday. I will also continue to do my usual lunchtime walks (around 20-25 mins long).

I'm awaiting the delivery of a Pilates dvd I bought on Amazon - it was only a few quid and the pilates dvd I have isn't really very good (just shows you the move and doesn't work through it with you). I also bought the imfamous 30 Day Shred, after hearing so much about it and seeing it on Amazon for just over a fiver. I know you have to do it every day so will start that on the Monday after V Festival. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge of it but am a bit wary of the supposed pain I will be in after completing it!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Let's Get Popping!

Pop! Pop! Pop! What a great sound. So carrying on from the theme of snacks I decided to buy a bag of plain old popping corn this lunchtime and made a small bowl of it for an after dinner snack...and it was delicious!

Just so quick and easy. I just stuck half an ounce (around 14g) of corn into a bowl (with a lid) and popped into the mircowave for 2-3 minutes. I could eat it plain but as I only made a small amount (which in fact made a load!) I treated myself to a teaspoon of sugar sprinkled over.

It works out at 0.5 points for the 1/2 oz of popping corn and another 0.5 points for the teaspoon of sugar. Very reasonable! Also, it's very filling and because you can leave it to pick at it you really feel like you've had something substantial - which I don't feel like when I have a snack bar (which are higher point values).

So, just to clarify, I love homemade popcorn!

I did spoil the low point snack by having a mini muller rice pot as well - but I have more than enough points left over today so I can afford it! :)

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today's letter is S...

...and the topic is...snacks!

I've been thinking about healthy, energy-boosting snacks I can easily take with me to V Festival. Last year I ate rubbish and I really don't want to mess up my good behaviour. I don't mind compromising with the main meals (I found a baked potato stand last year...well they do have everything in fact!) but want to go for the healthier options - noodles etc. Also, I'm thinking because it is a full on two days, I want to have a pack of little energy-boosting snacks with me so that I can keep my energy levels up. The other thing is that they have to be small and light enough to be packed in a little box, and has to be able to last all day in a bag.

So far I have come up with the following ideas:
  • Rice cakes.
  • Oatcakes with peanut butter (hmmm, not sure if the PB will last though..)
  • Pieces of fruit - apple, banana.
  • Breakfast bars.
  • Small handful of walnuts.
  • Seeds.

Nothing mind blowing but a friend suggested I go to Holland and Barrett and stock up on the a few little packs of snacks - like seaweed covered peanuts (although I think they can be quite calorific -like most nuts, so again, would only be a handful). So think I'll make a trip there sometime this week - will have to stop myself from eating them at work though!

Monday, 9 August 2010

Mutton Jeff

Pardon? Sorry? Eh? Que? These are the things I have been saying for the past couple of days as my cold has now transfered to my ears, yay me. I haven't been able to go to the gym as I feel dizzy stood that has been niggling me as I start to get restless if I can't work out.

Any way, moving on (as I am so fed up with being ill and talking about it) I went for some much needed retail therapy yesterday and my bags were so heavy my back and shoulders were really hurting - it felt just like a gym workout! My shoulders are killing me today but I weighed myself this morning and i've lost 2lbs, whooop! So i'm on track for my V goal - just need another 4lb to shift within the next two weeks.

I had a splurge in Primarni (you just have to) then got some boots for V Festival, and a couple of tops from H&M. On a side note I can't wait for H&M to go online in September, they are so good on the value/quality front! Gave me a taster for my shopping trip treat for goal..

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moaning Minnie

I really don't want to moan...but this week I have just felt really under the weather and wiped out, i'm tired and just fed up. I tend to only write about achievments and all the good things on this blog, but I think I should write about the down times as well. I wouldn't be human if I was 100% motivated, determined and happy all the time.

Ugh, I just deleted a paragraph of me whinging on about how challenging work is...booooring! That's exactly how I feel at the min, bored, no get up and go.

Anyways, on a good note, points-wise I have stayed on track. Unfortunately, gym-wise I have only been once this week so far. Missed my Zumba class tonight as well :(

I think this bug i've got has zapped my energy and not being able to workout always makes me grumpy, so i'm hoping as soon as I start feeling better my mood will lift.

Ok, moaning Minnie is going now!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Quickie Piccies

Just a quickie to say I have added a couple more pics to my gallery page. Both of which remind me of why I am making the effort to lose weight. The first being from my birthday in January - although I had a great night I just felt huge. I hate having a birthday straight after Christmas! The second photo was from a weekend in London, again it was another fun time but I went out in the evening and just didn't feel good in what I looked like. Looking at these photo's don't necessarily mean anything but just thinking back to how I felt at the time (so fresh in my mind) it's the best thing I could have done to remind myself to keep going and never feel down on myself again!

Good night! X

Preparation Pay-Off? + Tuesday Twaddle

So the roasted pepper pasta was a bit 'meh' - not bad but there are tastier lunches that don't take 3 pans to create, amongst other washing up items!

My gym effort this morning was a bit poor, due to me realising (about 5 mins into my workout) that I am actually still suffering with this blimmin' cold. I contemplated going home but decided to soldier on and just spent less time doing cardio and concentrated on weights.

So all in all yesterday's preparation didn't inspire great results today but I suppose I did get some exercise done as planned, and (so far) I have stayed well within my points allowance. So scrap that - preparation has proved to be successful! :)

I bought some melba toast at lunchtime, for an afternoon snack. I looked the points up on WW online and it's a bit confusing (0.5 points per pack of 6 - yet it says the same if you select one individual slice? But the slice is 3g the same as a 3g pack???)

WW online has gone insane recently. The community section has given up the ghost - tried to post on my WW blog and everytime I clicked save it sent me an error message - argh! All the new sections are really slow. Technology eh?!

Right - that's enough Tuesday twaddle!

Monday, 2 August 2010

The Munchies and Being Prepared!

Munch, munch, munch...if you were any where near my desk today that is the noise you would have heard! I munched on relatively healthy things (oatcakes, ricecakes, yoghurt) but just the quantity I ate meant that I have gone 1 point over my allowance, ah well. Tomorrow is another day!

I know that preparation is the key, so have just finished making a WW pasta for lunch. Was pretty quick and easy but there was A LOT of washing up. It basically consisted of 60g wholewheat pasta, with roasted pepper and cherry tomatoes (roasted with fry light, thyme and garlic) and half a small can of tuna. Also I made my own tomato vingerette by boiling 100ml water with 4 cherry tomatoes, thyme, garlic and tomato puree (supposed to have lemon juice in as well but I didn't have any!) Let it cool, mix all together, and it is in my lunchbox in the fridge waiting to be taken to work tomorrow. Quite a nice size portion at 4 points. Will see how it tastes tomorrow!

On the theme of preparation I have packed my gym bag and will be hauling my bottom down the gym before work tomorrow. I love my routine and have been going insane the past couple of days when I haven't been (a case of the sniffles preventing me).

So here's for a successful day tomorrow!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

She's a total Betty...

I'm feeling pretty inspired, creative, day-dreamy (but that is not unusual for me!)

I've been thinking about my ultimate goal weight and the shopping trip that I am going to treat myself with for reaching it. This led me on to thinking about how much fashion is a motivator for me to lose weight. I could try and dress it up (no pun intended) and say it was purely for health reasons, but if I am being completly honest a big motivating factor to this mission is to wear the kind of things I want to, with conviction. Obviously whatever size you are you can still look good, but I just want to fit into 'straight' sizes to give myself more options. I hate limitations.

Anyway, I don't want to get too deep into this today, I really just wanted to post pretty pictures that evoke a certain feeling for me - fun, frivolous, care free and young. A kind of aspiration I had when I was younger and just never got there in reality (mainly because they were just ridiculous notions of adulthood!). This sounds like i'm getting all analytical again, but seriously, this afternoon's ramblings came out of a memory I had as a kid when I watched Clueless. Remembering Cher's wardrobe (it was a computer that she could mix and match outfits and when she was happy with it press a button and the wardrobe would spin to the exact place that outfit was stored). Y'see? Not deep and meaningful AT ALL! Just complete shallowness and frivolity :)

Enjoy! (Oh and I should say I am obsessed with celebrities fabulous wardrobes and dressing room montages in films!)

LBS, V, KOL...

It seems like for once, after having a bit of a rubbish week...and weekend, things are starting to go my way! I weighed in this morning AND...


Which means...


Which made me...


Ha :) I haven't had the best of weeks - meaning I still stayed within my points (even with eating out with friends TWICE) but I only got down to the gym three times this week. So either the Zumba is working absolute miracles, or last weeks hard work is paying off this week...or more likely a combination of the both.

I've been feeling really under the weather this weekend so haven't been to the gym, hopefully I will be ok to go tomorrow morning.

It is exactly 3 weeks until V Festival. The tickets came last weekend which made me dance around my living room and also have reality pop in my face as my 12 week challenge is stil very much on - 6lbs to go over 3 weeks, VERY do-able. Like I have said before I won't get too disheartend if I don't reach it (as, let's face it, I will be travelling off to V so won't give two hoots!) and I will get there eventually...but for now I have that goal in my sights.

3 weeks to lose 6lbs and 3 weeks until I see these lovely boys...

Oh and before I forget, I'm loving the update of the WW website - it has made it so much more interactive now, with blog post, friends and groups. So I have started a new blog on their (called the same as this) and will aim to keep both up to date - probably i'll just modify these longer posts into a shorter WW version. Anyways, check that out and feel free to add me as a friend :)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nowt. Nada. Zip...and eating Dinosaurs.

STS (stayed the same). Thought I would just get that news out of the way. I am dissapointed I haven't lost anything this week as I had intended to cane it at the gym while I was off work and aim for a bigger weight loss (than my usual 1lb per week) but thinking about it, I have probably eaten more being at home - yet stayed within my point allowance - and I kind of think that last week has caught up with me. So looking at it that way STS is a pretty good result. Just need to surge ahead as per usual now.

I've been thinking that I need to mix up my work outs a bit now, in terms of trying different kinds of ways to exercise that I enjoy. I've already mentioned that I tried Zumba last week and really enjoyed that so will be doing that class once a week, along with my regular pre-work gym sessions. Pilates is something I used to do at my old gym last year, and I really loved that class. It is something I want to start up again but the class at my gym is on a Saturday morning (10am) and the thought of getting up early on a weekend is just unbearable, unless I am feeling super motivated that day! I have a couple of pilates DVDs so will try and get back into it through them first. Also, I should really get back to doing the Davina DVDs as I think they really do make a difference (well you can certainly feel the after-effects!) and would compliment the gym sessions by adding a toning element - so by doing all that I should have all bases covered...just need the will and energy for it all now! But like they say - how do you eat a Dinosaur? Piece by piece...

Saturday, 24 July 2010


I don't have a weigh in result, any particular goals achieved or new challenges to report but I just felt really compelled to here I am!

I attended my first Zumba class on Thursday night and have to say that I am now a huge fan! It was so fast, and got my heart beating accordingly (and I don't even want to mention the sweat...) but it was also the most enjoyable hour I've ever had exercising. The tutor was really enthusiastic (and a bit mad) and made the session so fun. It didn't matter that I was out of step half the time! The music really wanted to make you move with it and some of the moves are so silly (like running round in a circle like a little kid, or the big "mixing bowl" action) that you just have to surrender to the fact that you will look a bit ridiculous - but have such a laugh whilst doing it!

I cannot wait for my next lesson :)

Oh, also I wore my brand new ASOS dress (£13 in the sale - barrrrrrgain...) out in town last night and felt brilliant. The dress was so comfortable and flowed perfectly on me that I felt really confident. Usually i'm pulling at a dress here and there constantly, which then makes me really self-conscious, but not this time. I think we have a winner for my V festival dress (oooh of which the tickets arrived today, whooop!)

My mum felt the need to photograph me in my new dress - so I thought that I would start up a gallery page on this blog and will try and keep it updated with outfit posts. I've been meaning to do this for ages, as a visual record for myself, but instead of using horrendous front/sideways shots in my casual (not to be worn outside clothes) I think the more flattering "dolled up" pics will be better...well better for me and my ego anyway!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another pound bites the dust...

So, I haven't posted anything for a wee while, mainly because after having a hard week at work last week the last thing I wanted to do was to come back on the computer!

Anyways...I weighed in on Sunday and lost 2lbs! I was so pleased with this as I was almost resigned to the fact that I may not have lost anything - due to the nature of the week (stress, conference food, lack of gym time, pizza on Friday, a bit of over-indulging on weekend). I am now 15st 9lbs which Is 1lb away from my 5% WW goal.

I am off work this week and intend to do longer, more intense workouts all week to try and push past that 5% goal (and perhaps even further). So far so good, I went to the gym yesterday and this morning. Will be going again tomorrow and Friday, but Thursday I am going to try the Zumba class with a friend - eek! It looks very high energy in the videos i'e watched, but i'll report back at how it went!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First 7lb Loss

Haven't blogged for a wee while - has been a very busy time (watching lots of football, wimbledon and generally faffing around!)

Anyways, I reached my first 7lb loss on Sunday (yay) and I am now under 16st. I still want to be as near to 15st as I possibly can be by V Fest (in 6 weeks time). I set myself a target of 1 stone loss, so If I get to 15st7lb I will have reached that target - but I would like to be less than that ideally!

Going to step up the gym workouts - doing more weights that cardio this week.

In other news? Went for a job interview last week, should find out the results at the end of this week, fingers crossed.

Thought I might finish the post off with writing about the ulitmate treat I have in store for myself when I finally reach my goal weight. Hopefully by January (when I will be turning 27) I want to treat myself a weekend in London - booking in a lovely hotel and spending a couple of days just hitting ALL the shops and buying a whole new wardrobe! I've got around 6 months to lose over 5 stone. I know i've got a long way to go but when times get tough I need to remind myself of this ulitmate goal to keep me on track! So far, so good :)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Sunshine Sunday!

Welllllll...had my weigh in this morning and I have lost 1lb, whoop! It actually looked like I was on the border of it being a 2lb loss but I scaled it down to be fair.
So i'm now at 16st which is over two stone less than I was at Christmas - so i'm really happy and feel like i'm making progress.

I still have my aim of being 15st by the time I go to V Festival (which is around 9-10 weeks away now). I need to start powering on a losing a better average than 1lb a week (although I am more than pleased with that average!)

I haven't been to the gym this weekend due it being SO bloody hot and with the big Englad game kicking off in a few mins I just couldn't miss that. Will pack my gym bag tonight and get my bum down there in the morning.

Rite, gotsa go watch the match, fingers crossed for an ENGLAND victory...

Friday, 25 June 2010

What a Week...

Well what a week it's been! Aside from the gorgeous weather there has been lots of potential pitfalls that I think I have done really well to avoid.

Firstly there was the England match on Wednesday where we had a fridge full of beer awaiting us at work, plus a BBQ. I went to the canteen and got a rice and cous cous salad and was full so didn't feel tempted to have a greasy burger.
Then we went for our customary 'drunken noodles' this afternoon - but thai food is relativley low points (for an eating out cuisine) and I had two small glasses of wine with it.

I went to the gym Sunday-Wednesday so worked up more than enough points to cover me this afternoon, plus I must have saved over a days worth of points (from not going over my allowance). Haven't been gym today or yesterday and I am missing it a bit. Feel like I should go both days over the weekend but I may be going out tomorrow and the England game is Sunday. I must aim to go Sunday morning - WITHOUT FAIL!!

Got my weigh in on Sunday and I really hope I am at that 16st mark (or under) as it seems to be taking ages to crack that barrier! Must persevere.

Oooh, in other news I tried my ASOS black skinnies on this morning (as I couldn't bear the double-denim look) and they fit!! I would also go as far as to say the were roomy round the stomach and waist - and just very snug around my lower legs -but still comfortable. Very, very pleased with that result. Will set myself a new aim to get into some size 18 ASOS trousers (As I need some new work pants).

Anyways, it's time to chill out, watch some world cup footy and enjoy the end of the week :)

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Moods, Salads and Slices

Oooh nearly the end of the week - thankfully!

Went to the gym this morning and I have to say I am really enjoying the time to myself before I get to work. I had a day off the gym on Tuesday and really missed it! I feel like i'm a bit addicted (in a good way) as I always go in a bad mood and feel really fed up if I don't go.

Going to pack my gym bag in a minute ready for tomorrow morning. Got to get the last exercise sessions in before I weigh myself on Sunday. I'm hoping for another loss. Also, going to try out the dance dvd my mum bought me the other day on Saturday. I hope it's not one of those that are tricky to follow - where you basically need to be a trained dancer to follow it!

Had a really nice lunch today. Took a box salad, with a boiled egg and a small portion of ham, and wrapped it in the North Stafss oatcake I had left and used half a pot of reduced fat hommous spread on it - so yummy and very low points. Was pleasantly full after I had eaten it.

In other news I had my haircut today - nothing major, just a trim to keep it tidy, looks really nice. Having some 'slices' of colour put in next week. Gotta love them hair colour slices!

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tuesday Twaddle

So the Monday blues are over...and the Tuesday trauma's hit! Not been the greatest day at work but felt in control of what I was eating.
Had a really nice WW chicken balti curry tonight for tea - feel stuffed now! Think i'm going to stop having the pitta bread with it next time.

Went to a fashion shop/late night shop thing last night and bought two gorge maxi dresses, handbag and sunglasses. Felt really good to treat myself to a nice dress, especially after last weeks weight loss.

Didn't go to the gym this morning due to a late night last night, so will go every morning for the rest of the week - gotta get another weight loss this week!!

Catching up with the Biggest Loser Australia at the moment. It has been a big motivator for me to get down the gym - plus the Commando is amazingly good looking so that always helps! Seriously though, the transformations are really inspiring. I will never be able to meet that rate of weight loss but as long as I keep losing i'll be happy :)

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Sunday: Weigh in Time

So, it is the end of week two of my 12 week challenge and the results are in...

...dun, dun, duuuuuuuuuuuuuun.....

...1lb lost this week. Wohoo!

A small loss but I will gladly take that as a loss is a loss and way better than staying the same!

Looking foward to keep tracking points very closely this week and hitting the gym at least four mornings. Here's to week three...

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Road to V

In the midst of the longest week in work (ever in history...) I desperately reached for my desk calendar to count the weeks to my next holiday. Surprisingly it was a rather neat and tidy 12 weeks until I have a few days booked off for recovery time after V Festival. This got the cogs turning...

I have now set myself a challenge to lose a stone in the 12 weeks leading up to V, so ideally I will be 15st, or under, by the time I set off to the big field in Staffordshire to join 90,000 like-minded peeps and enjoy the sounds of Kings of Leon (whooooop!).

My first week resulted in a very pleasing 3lb loss and my next weigh in (for week two of the challenge) is tomorrow - so will update then.

I have tried setting little goals like this before, to only be upset when I haven't reached them. But this time I know I am in this for the long haul. Whatever the result from the WI is tomorrow I know I have 10 more weeks to continue towards my goal.

Right, must sign off now as the England game is on! C'mon EN-GER-LAAAAAANNND!! :)

The 'J' Word

Ok so new blog, new first post and new journey ahead for me (a.k.a the 'J' word).

The journey is my (hello!) endeavour to lose weight, live out those dreams that i've had for so long and start living life to the max. I am a woman on a mission.

After scooting round and reading other people's blogs, I have felt really inspired by them to create my own. Even if nobody ever see's this apart from me it will be a great tool to track my progress and inspire and motivate myself along this journey (...yep I said it again).

After being really unhappy with my weight after Christmas last year. I joined a gym in March and finally re-joing Weight Watchers last week (the online version this time). So far so good. I had a 3lb weight loss last week and i'm starting to see and feel the difference.

This week has gone really well: gym 5 times this week and I have stayed within my points allowance each day (so far). Weigh in tomorrow so we shall wait and see...