20 Reasons Why I Want To Do This

My list of reasons why I need/want/have to do this journey:

1. To prove to myself I can achieve anything I put my mind to.
2. To feel more comfortable in my own skin.
3. Not be so self conscious in social situations.
4. Feel good about how I look.
5. Fully enjoy fashion.
6. Wear skirts/short-sleeves without worrying.
7. Gain more self-confidence.
8. Not be limited in clothes.
9. Have more energy.
10. Increase fitness levels (i.e. get fit!).
11. Cut the chances of weight-related illnesses.
12. Kick start my life.
13. Push me to be more adventurous.
14. To look back on my 20s as an exciting decade.
15. Be the best version of myself that I can be.
16. Have no regrets.
17. To feel that I am not wasting my youth.
18. Not just be "a pretty face".
19. Be an inspiration to my family.
20. Be proud of myself.