Friday, 24 June 2011

East Cheshire Hospice Midnight Walk

Tomorrow I will be partaking in a 10k Midnight walk for East Cheshire Hospice. Apart from this being a great bit of cardio for me to log in my exercise journal, it is to raise money for a brilliant organisation that is an essential support network for so many people.

If you have any spare pennies that you could kindly donate it would be much appreciated, and you have my word that I will reciprocate a donation to any charity events you will be partaking in (a kind of sponsorship IOU). You can donate through my Just Giving page - which is quick, easy and completely safe and best of all, the funds go directly to the charity!

I'll remember to take lots of pictures (of me looking a berk...and looking at the weather forecasts, a drenched berk at that!) and post them on here for your entertainment :)


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