Sunday, 26 June 2011

At Midnight, We Walk...

Did it! I completed the 10k Midnight walk last night in just over 2 hours (not that the time matters, it wasn't a race) all in aid to raise money to keep the wonderful East Cheshire Hospice open to help thousands of people in desperate need of support.

It was an amazingly well ran event and we were all looked after (even getting a welcomed bacon butty and cup of tea at the end of the walk!) The volunteers were fab - all cheerleading us on and shouting helpful things like "nearly there!" : )

At the beginning of the night you had to decide which group to join to walk in - fast, medium or slow paced. I was more than happy to go in the medium pace but my sister had other ideas and coerced me into the fast group. We set off at a really good pace and managed to maintain it for most of the walk, although the last half an hour was a bit of a struggle - I think if I saw one more hill I would have thrown my flashing bunny ears to the ground and had a hissy fit!

I got back home about 3am and couldn't sleep at all. My legs now feel like concrete and no amount of stretching is helping to loosen them up! Oh well, at least I know I pushed myself and managed to get a good workout, bonus!

Brilliant night/morning and I hope to do it all again next year.

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