Saturday, 17 March 2012

I Werrrk Ouuut!

Girl look at that body.
Girl look at that body.
Girl look at that body.

Just how annoyingly addictive is that song?! I find myself just randomly shouting "I work out!" in work!

With my renewed gym-lovin', and after being peed off with my bland Zumba outfit the other night, I made a trip to TK Maxx last night to pick up some new workout togs.

Nike running top; Nike bra top; Reebok workout pants. Total price: £27.99.
Can somebody please explain to me why the UNISEX changing rooms at TK Maxx have these ridiculous saloon-type doors that are so pointless that people walking past can see directly into your cubicle?! I have never tried clothes on so fast!

I plan on treating myself to some new running trainers soon. After the amazing service from Sports Direct (literally next day delivery - when you only ordered after 6pm the night before!) I think I'll pick them from there.

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