Monday, 20 December 2010

So this is Christmas...

...and what have I done? Um well apart from do my back in which has therefore kyboshed any exercise efforts, have lots of fun getting in the festive spirit with friends and eating myself into a food coma over the weekend, with an added extra of Harry Potter viewing my mum and lots of cadbury's chocolate consumption...err nowt!

My back is really sore at the moment, not helped by the arctic conditions, and totally ruined my exercise efforts which had started off so well last week. Ah well...

I lost a pound last week, then put 3lbs on this week. That feeling off "ah what the heck, it's CHRISTMAS" has crept up on me. I'm trying to be smart and not let myself eat for the sake of it, but in reality I think the break over the next couple of weeks is what I need. I haven't tracked for the last two weeks, ooh I feel bad.

Exercise is the thing that gets me into the right frame of mind to eat right and without that i'm just not feeling it at the moment. So i'm taking a break and will be back at it as soon as my back feels ok. If i'm really honest though, i've not been feeling WW since Pro Points was introduced, I followed it to the letter for the first three weeks and lost arounf 1lb - hardly inspiring stuff. Anyways...

It's been a mega busy day at work today (more busy that any other time this year - and I don't work in retail) and i'm really hankering for a festive drink tonight! So cheers and I wish everyone a very merry Christmas!!

Hopefully Santa (and by Santa I mean bloody well deliver my goodies before Friday, otherwise it will be a very sad Christmas this year!!

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