Friday, 28 January 2011

Number Crunching

Had the most laborious, long-arse day today. I just couldn't steel myself to get into my work properly and was endlessly clock watching (which is scientifically proven to slow down the Earth's rotational spin). It's been that kind of week.

Yesterday was OK though. I went back to my dearly-missed Zumba class and sweated up a storm while getting slightly annoyed at the new routines which meant I couldn't show off in front of the newbies (is that awful of me?!) I'm definitely going to go back to my usual Thursday classes now, although my instructor is leaving next month, booo :(

So after the endorphin high of last night I've had a total dip. My mind started to wander to weight loss statistics, when I really should have been doing something I'm paid for, and thought I'd crunch some numbers tonight. So here we go:

Current weight: 15st 2lbs (212 lbs)
Current BMI: 34.2 which puts me in the obese category for my 5ft 6 height

Weight that will put me in the BMI 'overweight' category: 13 st 2lbs (185 lbs)
How many lbs needed to lose to reach the 'overweight' category:  1st 9lbs (27 lbs)

Weight that will put me in the 'normal weight' category:  11st (154 lbs)
How many lbs needed to lose to reach the 'normal weight':  4 st 1lbs(58 lbs)

Only 58 lbs until I'm deemed 'normal'! Must crack on then.

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