Monday, 11 July 2011

Be Nice Now!

After my rant-filled post last week, and some very kind comments, I decided I just needed a break. A break from myself and my negative Nelly thoughts. This weekend I treated myself to a big Primark shop (I literally bought a whole new wardrobe!) and I arranged to meet a friend I'd not seen for a while in town for some lunch, drinks and a laugh. Just the kind of weekend I needed :)

So now, I need to come at things differently. Fed up days are always going to occur, but I cannot allow myself to feel that pent up about things when I don't exercise. I have to regain some positive momentum and get into a routine.

I haven't worked it all out and I don't have all the answers for myself but I am definitely feeling much better now. I'm going to re-read my PMA Week posts and see what I can learn from myself (I do talk sense sometimes!)

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