Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Another pound bites the dust...

So, I haven't posted anything for a wee while, mainly because after having a hard week at work last week the last thing I wanted to do was to come back on the computer!

Anyways...I weighed in on Sunday and lost 2lbs! I was so pleased with this as I was almost resigned to the fact that I may not have lost anything - due to the nature of the week (stress, conference food, lack of gym time, pizza on Friday, a bit of over-indulging on weekend). I am now 15st 9lbs which Is 1lb away from my 5% WW goal.

I am off work this week and intend to do longer, more intense workouts all week to try and push past that 5% goal (and perhaps even further). So far so good, I went to the gym yesterday and this morning. Will be going again tomorrow and Friday, but Thursday I am going to try the Zumba class with a friend - eek! It looks very high energy in the videos i'e watched, but i'll report back at how it went!

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