Sunday, 25 July 2010

Nowt. Nada. Zip...and eating Dinosaurs.

STS (stayed the same). Thought I would just get that news out of the way. I am dissapointed I haven't lost anything this week as I had intended to cane it at the gym while I was off work and aim for a bigger weight loss (than my usual 1lb per week) but thinking about it, I have probably eaten more being at home - yet stayed within my point allowance - and I kind of think that last week has caught up with me. So looking at it that way STS is a pretty good result. Just need to surge ahead as per usual now.

I've been thinking that I need to mix up my work outs a bit now, in terms of trying different kinds of ways to exercise that I enjoy. I've already mentioned that I tried Zumba last week and really enjoyed that so will be doing that class once a week, along with my regular pre-work gym sessions. Pilates is something I used to do at my old gym last year, and I really loved that class. It is something I want to start up again but the class at my gym is on a Saturday morning (10am) and the thought of getting up early on a weekend is just unbearable, unless I am feeling super motivated that day! I have a couple of pilates DVDs so will try and get back into it through them first. Also, I should really get back to doing the Davina DVDs as I think they really do make a difference (well you can certainly feel the after-effects!) and would compliment the gym sessions by adding a toning element - so by doing all that I should have all bases covered...just need the will and energy for it all now! But like they say - how do you eat a Dinosaur? Piece by piece...

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