Tuesday, 6 July 2010

First 7lb Loss

Haven't blogged for a wee while - has been a very busy time (watching lots of football, wimbledon and generally faffing around!)

Anyways, I reached my first 7lb loss on Sunday (yay) and I am now under 16st. I still want to be as near to 15st as I possibly can be by V Fest (in 6 weeks time). I set myself a target of 1 stone loss, so If I get to 15st7lb I will have reached that target - but I would like to be less than that ideally!

Going to step up the gym workouts - doing more weights that cardio this week.

In other news? Went for a job interview last week, should find out the results at the end of this week, fingers crossed.

Thought I might finish the post off with writing about the ulitmate treat I have in store for myself when I finally reach my goal weight. Hopefully by January (when I will be turning 27) I want to treat myself a weekend in London - booking in a lovely hotel and spending a couple of days just hitting ALL the shops and buying a whole new wardrobe! I've got around 6 months to lose over 5 stone. I know i've got a long way to go but when times get tough I need to remind myself of this ulitmate goal to keep me on track! So far, so good :)

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