Saturday, 24 July 2010


I don't have a weigh in result, any particular goals achieved or new challenges to report but I just felt really compelled to here I am!

I attended my first Zumba class on Thursday night and have to say that I am now a huge fan! It was so fast, and got my heart beating accordingly (and I don't even want to mention the sweat...) but it was also the most enjoyable hour I've ever had exercising. The tutor was really enthusiastic (and a bit mad) and made the session so fun. It didn't matter that I was out of step half the time! The music really wanted to make you move with it and some of the moves are so silly (like running round in a circle like a little kid, or the big "mixing bowl" action) that you just have to surrender to the fact that you will look a bit ridiculous - but have such a laugh whilst doing it!

I cannot wait for my next lesson :)

Oh, also I wore my brand new ASOS dress (£13 in the sale - barrrrrrgain...) out in town last night and felt brilliant. The dress was so comfortable and flowed perfectly on me that I felt really confident. Usually i'm pulling at a dress here and there constantly, which then makes me really self-conscious, but not this time. I think we have a winner for my V festival dress (oooh of which the tickets arrived today, whooop!)

My mum felt the need to photograph me in my new dress - so I thought that I would start up a gallery page on this blog and will try and keep it updated with outfit posts. I've been meaning to do this for ages, as a visual record for myself, but instead of using horrendous front/sideways shots in my casual (not to be worn outside clothes) I think the more flattering "dolled up" pics will be better...well better for me and my ego anyway!

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