Saturday, 5 February 2011

What makes me happy?

I have been asking myself this question for the most part of this week. What does make me happy? Because for the past few weeks, and quite honestly months, I have been feeling increasingly unhappy.

This week has seen me at my lowest point. Feeling like a robot just mechanically drifting from one day to another not finding anything exciting, joyful or just generally good. I put it all down to my current job - but in reality it is an alright job, just boring for the most part and not what I really want to do. No, the job isn't it. It is me I am unhappy with.

I feel really directionless and not having any answers only pushes me further into a state of 'dunno' and not gona even try.

So, again what makes me happy? Instead of focusing on what I don't like - what do I like?

I like:
  • Being creative.
  • Feeling healthy.
  • Doing dancey-fun exercising.
  • Watching films and innovative TV (and some crap TV).
  • Music, music, music - listening to oldies, finding out newies, going to gigs and festivals.
  • Celeb gossip.
  • Aspirational fashion magazines.
  • Reading blogs - I have two folders dedicated to my fave weight loss/healthy living blogs and fashion/style blogs.
  • Retail therapy.
  • When I make an effort to paint my nails.
  • Beautiful views.
  • Dreaming about travelling Europe and America.
  • Nights out with the gang.
  • Rare moments of when independence, confidence and opportunity collide.
Hmm, so there we have it. A bit off topic but I needed to get it off my chest. Will post my weigh in result tomorrow.


  1. I think looking at what truly makes you happy is good, just try and add them into your daily life.

    Oh love your background, seems we have the same taste!

    Vics xx

  2. Ha, I've just noticed that Victoria!

    Yeah, you are right. I'm trying to focus on fitting one thing a day that I do just for me that I enjoy - make me feel less of a work robot!