Monday, 11 April 2011

Week Review + Hooping

A bit of a belated review of last week but it was a good week!
  • Lost 2lbs. Now 15st on the nose.
  • Completed week 3 of C25K.
  • Did my pilates DVD on my 'day off'.
  • Went back on the wii fit for the first time in over 170 day (oopsie!)
I'd talked about hula hooping before and after an unsuccessful experience with Davina's hoop that I bought from Argos (it was too small, but too wide and I took it back) I decided to get some hooping action from the Wii fit. I unlocked the 10 min hula-hoop ages ago and had forgotten what it was like. I chose that first to get my heart pumping and MY GOD, I'd forgot how intense it was! About a minute in I was staring at the time ticking down in the corner thinking "4 mins left of this??" Then when I had finished one way you are right back in to swivelling the t'other way!

It's such a good workout and that plus some jogging, boxing and yoga moves managed to give my muscles a good challenge. Note to self - don't leave it another 170 days before you revisit the Wii Fit!

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