Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My Workout DVD Collection

This consequence of getting bored easily + wanting to lose weight =


Zumba, hip hop, salsacise, pilates, toning, pumping, Davina - I have it all covered! Technically I should look EXACTLY like Kate Moss now. I demand my money back.

My love/hate affair with exercise DVDs (or videos as it was back in the day) started at the tender age of ten when me and my cousin would stick on my mum and auntie's aerobic videos. The one we favoured was a horrendous 1980s VHS which had you shimmying to tracks from the 1950s and 1960s. Thinking on, I even recall there being video footage of me and my friends at my 10th birthday party dancing to this video (oh the SHAME!!)

I graduated from the 80s leotard VHS phase to...a 90s leotard VHS phase! Another aerobic video by some mega annoying woman whose claim to fame was being Princess Diana's trainer.

Over the years I've been given some cast offs from my sister and bought my own - scouring Amazon for the a cheap DVD that will end up being THE ONE. One DVD to solve all my fat problems. I know that a DVD is not the answer, but it doesn't hurt to keep checking does it? ;)

At the moment I'm being wooed by the lure of the 90 day programmes - P90X, Insanity and that one from Tracey Anderson (True Story: I actually watched the full 30 min infomercial online for her new programme. I. Just. Want. It) My sensible self tells me if I put together all DVDs in my collection I could do a completely new routine every day for 90 days. But my impulsive/stubborn/idealistic/hopeful self just believes in the other programmes - I mean LOOK at the results (go on, Google P90X results - uh-may-zing!)

I think I may be able to fend off the urge to purchase the above DVDs, mainly because they look far too intense and they are way too expensive (hitting me where it hurts on both counts!) However, I am still thinking about the Kettlebell DVD set I have seen. Kettlebells is something I've been contemplating for a long time after I saw them being used on the Biggest Loser years ago. I saw in a fitness magazine a couple of weeks ago that using them really helped an already fairly fit women get over her plateau as they act as strength training whilst also raising your heart rate - so a great source of cardio. Reading many, many articles I know that I need to start proper strength training to see some serious results, my bit of cardio and toning is just keeping me on an even keel. There is no point in me toning when I have a wodge of fat covering the area I'm trying to tighten up. The fat has to go first.

Kettlebells may be my new 'thing'. The kick starter to my new plan of attack. Until then I'm off to watch the Tracey Anderson infomercial again, haha! (No really...)*

*Just joking! :)

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