Saturday, 12 June 2010

The 'J' Word

Ok so new blog, new first post and new journey ahead for me (a.k.a the 'J' word).

The journey is my (hello!) endeavour to lose weight, live out those dreams that i've had for so long and start living life to the max. I am a woman on a mission.

After scooting round and reading other people's blogs, I have felt really inspired by them to create my own. Even if nobody ever see's this apart from me it will be a great tool to track my progress and inspire and motivate myself along this journey (...yep I said it again).

After being really unhappy with my weight after Christmas last year. I joined a gym in March and finally re-joing Weight Watchers last week (the online version this time). So far so good. I had a 3lb weight loss last week and i'm starting to see and feel the difference.

This week has gone really well: gym 5 times this week and I have stayed within my points allowance each day (so far). Weigh in tomorrow so we shall wait and see...

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