Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Road to V

In the midst of the longest week in work (ever in history...) I desperately reached for my desk calendar to count the weeks to my next holiday. Surprisingly it was a rather neat and tidy 12 weeks until I have a few days booked off for recovery time after V Festival. This got the cogs turning...

I have now set myself a challenge to lose a stone in the 12 weeks leading up to V, so ideally I will be 15st, or under, by the time I set off to the big field in Staffordshire to join 90,000 like-minded peeps and enjoy the sounds of Kings of Leon (whooooop!).

My first week resulted in a very pleasing 3lb loss and my next weigh in (for week two of the challenge) is tomorrow - so will update then.

I have tried setting little goals like this before, to only be upset when I haven't reached them. But this time I know I am in this for the long haul. Whatever the result from the WI is tomorrow I know I have 10 more weeks to continue towards my goal.

Right, must sign off now as the England game is on! C'mon EN-GER-LAAAAAANNND!! :)

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