Friday, 25 June 2010

What a Week...

Well what a week it's been! Aside from the gorgeous weather there has been lots of potential pitfalls that I think I have done really well to avoid.

Firstly there was the England match on Wednesday where we had a fridge full of beer awaiting us at work, plus a BBQ. I went to the canteen and got a rice and cous cous salad and was full so didn't feel tempted to have a greasy burger.
Then we went for our customary 'drunken noodles' this afternoon - but thai food is relativley low points (for an eating out cuisine) and I had two small glasses of wine with it.

I went to the gym Sunday-Wednesday so worked up more than enough points to cover me this afternoon, plus I must have saved over a days worth of points (from not going over my allowance). Haven't been gym today or yesterday and I am missing it a bit. Feel like I should go both days over the weekend but I may be going out tomorrow and the England game is Sunday. I must aim to go Sunday morning - WITHOUT FAIL!!

Got my weigh in on Sunday and I really hope I am at that 16st mark (or under) as it seems to be taking ages to crack that barrier! Must persevere.

Oooh, in other news I tried my ASOS black skinnies on this morning (as I couldn't bear the double-denim look) and they fit!! I would also go as far as to say the were roomy round the stomach and waist - and just very snug around my lower legs -but still comfortable. Very, very pleased with that result. Will set myself a new aim to get into some size 18 ASOS trousers (As I need some new work pants).

Anyways, it's time to chill out, watch some world cup footy and enjoy the end of the week :)

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