Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Mmm Chicken Tonight!

After being inspired one lazy Sunday evening from watching Jamie Oliver's 30 minute meal programme. His Piri-Piri chicken and chilli mash looked bloody lovely! I got the recipe off his website and toddled off to the shops in my lunch hour to aquire the goods.

I made it as soon as I got in from work this evening - I was quite excited to make a new meal, is this sad?! Anyhoo, it took me a bit more than 30 mins - mainly because I don't have Jamie's mad knife skillz, so chopping up the corriander et al took a wee while longer.

I had a quick taste of the piri-piri sauce after I had whizzed all the ingredients together and it was HOT! I was really worried it was going to blow mine and my fam's heads off! Luckily it was a major success and everything complemented everything else, so the lemon rocket salad balanced the hot chicken sauce, so therefore it didn't blow my head off, it was just really flavoursome. Everyone else really liked it too, yayeee! My only gripe was the mash, the sweet potato gave me a funny after taste so think I may make some homemade potato wedges to go with the chicken.

All in all i'm pleased and will deffo make it again. Plus I added it as a recipe on my Weight Watchers site and it has a points value of around 6.5 (I say around as I ended up substituting fry light for olive oil, but then used a bit of olive oil in the salad. So without olive oil it's 5.5, and with it around 6.5 - both amazing for a main meal).

Please don't judge it's tasty gorgeousness from my I had already tucked into it before realising I needed to take a pic to show one of my friends...and for my blog of course!

Mmmmmmmmmm!! Nom Nom Nom.

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  1. Ooooh that looks fab - might have to check out the website too!