Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Seasons Change Yet I Remain the Same

The change in seasons always affects me and I hate having to get up for work when it is still dark outside, then by the time you are finished and ready to go home it is dark again! Booooo. I'm not even going to mention how cold it is and the various cold germs flying around the office...

Because of all of the above I have failed to go to the gym for quite a few weeks. Getting up at 6am to toddle off to the gym just ain't gonna happen if I have to de-frost my car, all bleary-eyed, beforehand. However, I have maintained my Zumba classes twice a week. Now, if I can get up off my arse at 8pm (when I have already worked all day, had my tea and started to settle down) brave the dark and cold, drive 30mins and go sweat it out for an hour - why can I not do this for the gym? Answer: gym is boring, Zumba is fun!

I know I need to exercise more than twice a week and I should probably do more toning, BUT I just cannot be bothered. My distaste for the colder seasons may seem like a weak excuse, and I would forgive you for thinking that, but it is a reality. I. Just. Cannot. Be. Arsed. My motivation for something I don't particularly find enjoyable has completley waned.

I've been going to a gym for a couple of years now and always have this problem in the lead up to Christmas - it's just hibernation time and it seems so alien to be getting into a t-shirt to go for a run. The only way to get myself out of my gym rut is to just go. Go and don't even think about it.

Anyways, onto the fun things, I LOVE zumba, would do it every night if it wasn't so pricey (£3.50-£5.00 for an hours session - JEEZO!) I actually decided that I would order the Zumba dvd pack that you can find on the official Zumba website. I've been thinking about it for a while and got a bonus from work last week so though, what the heck! Unfortunately the sodding website has that extra credit card protection thing, of which i'm locked out of mine (because I forgot one of the million passwords you have to remember in today's modern life) so I couldn't order it. Not that I was annoyed you understand (DBSKFBEWDBFSebfasklnkJBvbsufbvasofibasd fkldsnfSWLKM!!!!!!!!) Ahem. I should really ring the credit card up to get it unlocked but to be honest it can wait. So no Zumba dvds for me...yet.

Reaaaaally trying to give myself a pep talk into doing one of my exercise dvds do other people manage to do this schiz?!

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