Friday, 12 November 2010

Face Time

In the pursuit of the 'perfect' body, or at least a slimmer version of what you have now, do you ever contemplate your face?

I have a really strange thing (for want of a better word) where I can't judge anything about my face. When I was planning a haircut last month I spent ages looking up online how you measure what face shape you have as I just could not tell by looking at it (it's round btw...I think). I also can't tell if my eyes/ears/nose is big/small/crooked...the list is endless.

My face is something that isn't going to ever change, even when I get to my goal weight. I may have a more defined jawline (less chin-age) but all the features will remain the same.

So, why have I suddenly taken an interest in my face? Am I totally vain and ego centric?! No! (well maybe a tad yes!) but it is something I cannot avoid and it is the one things that is always picked out by other people. I cannot count the times people at work or home have said to me "ooh you've lost weight, you can really tell by your face..."

Tonight I decided to take a few close-up piccies (woooaaaah extreme close-up! Something for all you Wayne's World fans.) I took a few on my phone and decided I looked a bit, well, knackered. So I put on a quick bit of slap and clicked away.

There is a point to all of this. After looking at the pics I thought, right, put it up on the blog next to an old pic and reaaaaaally look for the differences. So here we go:


Now come on Sez, use your noggin - can you spot the difference? Well even with my inability to disect my own visage I can come to the conclusion that after losing almost 4 stone (since January) you can deffo see it in my face :)


  1. Wow,you really can see it in your face - you look gorgeous in both pics tho.I always thought people were talking mince when they would say 'I can see it in your face'.Your weight loss is fantastic and inspiring.x

  2. Aw thank you! That comment has made my day :)
    I felt the same - couldn't see what everyone was talking about. So i'm glad my little experiment seems to have made me finally realise I AM changing, finally! X