Monday, 8 November 2010

Oh to think like Eva Mendes!

I have just this minute read a quote from Eva Mendes, which goes like this "I feel absolutely no pressure about anything in my life." Dude, seriously?! I need some of what she's on!

Anyhoo, I came on here to post about my week etc yadda yadda, but that quote just sidetracked me for a min!

WI result on Sunday yielded a loss of 1lb, whoop! I am now 13lbs away from the 13s and my (less than) 12 week challenge goal.

After not going past the door all weekend (what?! I like to hibernate in this cold snap) I thought I would make myself useful by making some cheese and broccoli tarts - a WW recipe. They were fairly easy to make and were lush! I did take a photos but it really didn't do them justice! They came out at 6.5 points per tart. I had one (as they are quite big) plus a big salad, v.filling. Although I will have to recalculate everything as the new Pro-Points is finally available!

I had a quick look at the Pro-Points at lunchtime in work, then have had a more in depth look now. It's looks fairly simple, will just take time to get used to the new point values. Looking forward to it - especially as most fruit is 0 points, that helps with my work snacks!

And fiiiiinally...I have ordered the Zumba fitness pack, wohoo! Can't wait for them to arrive. I figured that I love it that much and seen as my instructor isn't going to be doing her classes for a month over Christmas...aaaaand just because I fancy treated myself, I bought them! :)

Ooh and deffo finally...a quick update of my two-left feet challenge. I LOVE the 10 min hip hop dvd, addicted to doing all the routines, but sadly I have not yet re-visited the Strictly dvd (out of fear!) I did, however, try a bit of the second Strictly dvd with Kelly and Flavia - and I got annoyed as Kelly is rubbish at giving instructions and looks amazing while I looked like a right clod hopper! Anyways, must persevere with it. Updates to follow.

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