Saturday, 12 February 2011


I am an exercise DVD-buying addict. That is all.

...I lie, that isn't all. After falling in love with my most recent exercise DVD purchase (10 minute solution Target Toning) I realised that I have a helluva lotta exercise DVDs. I almost took a picture of them all then backed out as it would have taken half an hour to dig them all out!

There are plenty that I don't like and will probably never use again but I now have a decent collection of effective and almost enjoyable DVDs. Feeling slightly guilty that I've ignored these, I dusted off my Zumba DVDs and did that one this afternoon. I really must aim to do home exercise at least four times a week.

Anyways the real point I wanted to make was about the certain areas I concentrate on when exercising. For me, my huge arms remain my constant focus. I never wear short sleeves and it is so annoying buying a beautiful dress then having to cover it up for the sake of hiding my fudubahah's (as Kath Day-Knight would say).

My recent 10 min solution DVD has a great arm workout with a resistance band and I want to do this short routine at least twice a week - these arms are going to be toned!! I almost begrudge exercising any other muscles as nothing annoys me as much as my flabby arms (although my belly and legs need totally need focusing on too!)

Now, that really is all. :)

Sharon and her sis don't care about their fudubahdah's!

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