Wednesday, 16 February 2011

SAD and Snap Peas

The sun is shining and I feel like I've got my mojo back!

I read through all my posts since I started this blog last summer and was a bit disappointed that my bright, positive attitude to weight loss/exercise/life in general had started to deteriorate in the Winter. I really think I suffer from SAD as my doom and gloom 'I hate my life' mood has lifted considerably since we are having light mornings and lighter evenings.

I feel suitably motivated and chirpy again - hallelujah, amen!

My PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) has co-incided with some purchases...ahem. I just thought what the hoo - I work hard for the money goddammit! So went about my merry way in ordering a printer (FINALLY), a dress I loved off ASOS for a forthcoming wedding (not mine), some mineral eyeshadows and possibly my best purchase: a heart rate monitor (HRM).

I recently bought the Jillian Michaels book: Winning by Losing as it was only a few quid on Amazon, and in it she recommends using a HRM. I really wanted one myself so I know how hard I am actually working and to get an accurate reading of the calories I have burnt (rather than going off the grossly inaccurate gym equipment readings and having a blind guess of the APs on WW). After reading a post on the WW message board and consulting this Heart Rate Monitor website I decided to buy the Polar FT4 - quite pricey at just under £60 but it is a well renowned range and has got great reviews - hopefully that should be arriving tomorrow so I want to wear it to my Zumba class and see if the 500-800 cal burn is accurate (methinks not!)

In other news, I have found a new snack (or lunch accompaniment I should say) Sugar Snap Peas! I've seen them all over other people's blogs, and I like them in stir frys, so attempted them raw. They ain't half bad! I prefer to have them with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar over the top and for 0 points they been great at being an extra kick at lunchtime to help fill me up. I take a handful of them to work with me every day now - a nice change from carrot sticks.


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