Monday, 21 February 2011


Last week's shopping spree doth maketh me a happy soul, and now I'm back to being a miserable sod, ha!

My heart rate monitor arrived (Polar FT4) on Thursday. I do love coming home from work to a parcel!

In my excitement I set it up immediately (which took just a few mins to key in my vital stats) then I strapped the chest strap on and set about working up a sweat to one of my exercise DVDs. I decided to to just one section of my 10 Min Solution Hip Hop dance mix. Here is the recorded info the HRM gives you:

Duration and Calories burned

Maximum and Average heart rate

Total time in your ideal heart rate zone

I was so impressed with how easy it was, literally press a button when you start to exercise then press a button when you have stopped and check out you little report.

I went off that same evening to the gym to test out how many cals I actually burnt in my Zumba class. I was dead excited to be all scientific-like and guess was bloody well cancelled! I was really miffed! So instead I trudged onto the treadmill and bike and did a couple of weights totally half-assed as I was annoyed I wasn't getting my sweat on to some Latin beats. I used my HRM and my half-hearted exercise attempt yielded just over a 200 cal burn, so hardly worth getting in the car for really but there you have it.

So I had a really nice weekend meeting friends and having a few drinks and food...and having a few drinks! So I haven't actually used my HRM since as I haven't done any proper exercise, but when I do I shall report back here. Captains log and all! *salutes you*

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