Saturday, 19 March 2011

Checking in...

In short:
  • I have just got home from a week eating my way around Wales with my parents.
  • Did a quick weigh in this morning. Does. Not. Look. Good.
  • I REALLY missed exercising.
  • Eating what I want, when I want is fun for a day...then it just makes me feel like crap.
  • Going to start WW tracking this instant to get me back on track.
So I had a fantastic, relaxing holiday - the weather was brilliant and I got some amazing photos (even on my crappy camera phone) and needless to say I'm gutted to be back home and the thought of going into work on Monday is too much to bear. Anyways, I've got lots of blog/news/TV to catch up on this weekend, so just chilling out :)

1 comment:

  1. I think its great you feel like you do about eating what you want when you want. Its def less fun when you have it too much.

    I felt exactly the same coming back from holiday last week, this week at work has been rubbish, post holiday blues all round!
    hope you get back into the swing of things quickly