Sunday, 27 March 2011

It is so ON this week!

The clocks have gone forward. Spring has sprung. It's the beginning of a new week and I am well and truly revved up for it. C'MOOOOON!

I weighed in this morning and have lost the 6lbs I put on over my holiday the week before last, so am now back to 15st 2lbs - where I was pre-holiday. I'm sure those 6lbs were just scared off by the sheer force of my positive attitude this week (on and maybe a few gym visits!)

My gym bag will be packed tonight ready for the beginning of a arse-kicking week! I am still following the C25K plan (and still loooving it!) but after a bit of fannying around of schedules I'm going to re-start the second week tomorrow so I can still schedule in the proper rest days.

I'm going to try and maintain my PMA (positive mental attitude) - particularly in work - as being negative about everything, and myself, is just too tiring.

Bring it on week because I'm ready for ya!

As well as the C25K I'm also going to be re-visiting my Thursday night Zumba class (as we now have a new instructor).

I've also been thinking about mixing things up and keeping things fun (another thing I'm trying to abide by - making exercise fun) possibly buying a hula hoop. Does anybody else hula? I love it on the Wii Fit so might treat myself to one this week.

I wish you all top week. Go get 'em my lovelies!!

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