Monday, 28 March 2011

Feeling Like a Rockstar Part One

As mentioned yesterday, this week is going to be my biatch. I'm going to attack it with such revved up positive intentions, the likes of which not seen since my festival weekends!

This morning my alarm went off early and after a few initial thoughts of sacking it off, I got ready for the gym to complete my second week of the C25K. I ATTACKED that walk/run, spurred on by the joggers surrounding me. I felt really powerful and finished strong.

I got ready for work in the changing rooms and put on the outfit I had picked out last night-  green peg leg trousers, a nude coloured pussy bow blouse and a gorge floaty cappuccino-coloured Topshop shrug. I had been wary of wearing my new trousers outside of the house as they are high waisted so you have to tuck the top in or else you look to top heavy -therefore making a feature of my waist (good) but then people will be looking at my tummy area (bad). Well I plucked up the nerve to wear them to work and I have never got so many comments about looking nice in work as I have today. I felt like a rockstar!

Today was the best Monday I've had in a while. C'mon Tuesday - I'm ready for you! :)

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