Sunday, 20 March 2011

Fake it to Make it

I'm slowly getting back into the healthy mindset yet I still need a boost (or a boot...up the bum). My first step has been spending some time on myself doing mani/pedicures, faffing around with make up etc, and basically trying to pretty myself up, because if I don't look good on the outside then I don't feel like putting the effort in to help myself feel good (whether that be with exercise or eating well). I know that sounds a bit backwards - usually the adage is to put the effort in first to then make yourself look good. But if I feel like rubbish and I wear old, dowdy clothes, leave my hair greasy and don't bother with my 3-step skincare routine then I think "why bother eating a hearty breakfast?" or "why bother resisting those mid-afternoon treats?" or "why bother putting that exercise DVD on tonight?" Basically, why bother with myself at all?

Well I'm far from ever giving up so therefore I do make the effort. I weighed in this morning and have put 6lbs on in the past three weeks. Sigh. So it's a step back but I'm worth the effort so I'm picking myself back up and forging on.

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