Thursday, 31 March 2011

Feeling Like a Rockstar Part Two

My kick arse week continues strong...

  • I started week three of the C25K and felt strong, capable and like a world-beater.
  • Learning how to run is the best feeling ever.
  • I wish I could tell the teenage version of myself that one day I would be bouncing out of bed at 6am to go running!
  • When negative thoughts have inevitably crept in this week I have acknowledged them, given them a few minutes to ponder then cast them aside. Rockstars don't give a toss if they say something stupid, or worry about showing the best bits of their personality to ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ALL THE TIME.
  • I have plenty of friends and colleagues who like me for me without me even trying, so no need spend the effort trying to impress people who don't really impress me.
  • Being nice to myself WORKS. I am having a great week!

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