Sunday, 26 September 2010


Yep, I'm not in the best of moods.

After my initial predictions I weighed myself this morning to find I had, for the the second week running, stayed the same. Now I am sensible enough to realise that the human body is not a robot and therefore doing X + X will not always = Y within a seven day period. BUT, something is obviously not right over two weeks with no loss.

I studied my online tracker for last week and I had saved over 17 points and worked up a further 17.5 activity points. So that is 34.5 points that I didn't use. I tracked like a demon, as always. I sweated my arse down the gym on Sunday, went for a long walk, Zumba three times in the week and my daily 3/4-2 mile walks at lunchtime. Seriously, what is going on?

I know the answer is to just carry on with what i'm doing this week, I don't really have an alternative, but i'm sick of not seeing the pay off that I think I really deserve. Even when i do lose weight it is SO slow that my goal weight way way waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay away.

To top eveything off the WW message boards aren't working for me so can't even have a rant on there (have had to e-mail customer services to get them to look into the error). So I logged on here to let off some steam. To be honest i'm actually more calm now than yesterday when I knew I just I haven't lost any weight.

Ughhhhhhhhhhh! Hate being this negative but it is just one of those days, or weeks rather!

For my scales sake I best lose some weight next Sunday or else they will be launched through my bathroom window!


  1. I wish that my life could be so simple that it could be based on simplistic numbers like Weight Watchers points. (Actually, I wouldn't want that, because then life would be very boring.)

    But life is not that simple. Everybody is different, and those simple point systems don't work for everybody. Each of us has to find what works best for us. Best wishes to you.

  2. I'm sorry - it's so frustrating when you hit a plateau for no logical reason.

    My advice would be to not end up with so many points in the bank and see if that helps - your body might want a bit more fuel to help it through all that zumba!

    Good luck and keep going - you'll get your weight loss reward in the end.


  3. Thanks! I'm over it now, was just having a bad day!

    Seren - yep, going to try and use my full point allowance each day and see how I fare then. Thanks for the nice comment.

    Sarah. X