Friday, 10 September 2010

Moon Face

First of all I have to say I am loving my Friday night in! Have had quite a few mad weekends recently and this is the first Friday I have spent tucked up at home.

I thought I'd do a quick post about some comments I got from work this week. On Wednesday I was just washing my hands in the toilets when one of the ladies from work gave me a sideways glance, caught my eye then asserted that "you're losing weight aren't you?" To which I replied yes. "I can really tell in your face" she said. I thanked her as it was a really nice comment.

The next day I had three different people come up to me to give me really nice comments about my appearance. All of them noting how they could "tell by your face". LOL! I started to think that I must have a big moon face when I few stones heavier. I also think it may be due to me wearing my hair up on these particular days!

After studying my double chin in the mirror I can conclude that it is definitely not as podgy as it used to be. Score! High fives all round!

To be extra sure I asked my dad to study my graduation photo (from 2005) and see if he noticed a difference from then and now. Now I have to preface my Dad's response by saying he is always out for a laugh and making jokes, so he was only trying to make me be less serious about my face when he said "yeah, your face was a bit *puffs cheeks out* back then" Ha! Good job we have the same sense of humour :)

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