Thursday, 9 September 2010

So Far, So Saintly...

Well maybe a slight exaggeration there but I am being quite good :)

Monday I completed level one of Shred (sweat much?!), Tuesday I started a new Zumba class (where only me and my friend turned up! Dedicated much?!), yesterday I admit I didn't do anything after work (ooh, thou aren't being saintly much?! and tonight I am currently in my gym gear waiting to go to the gym for my usual Zumba class tonight (Zumba fangirl much?!)

Still tracking every day as per usual. On that point, has anyone else seen all the talk about the new WW plan that is going to be introduced? Apparently it's this new Pro Points thing where the way points are calculated is going to change, to include carbohydrates as well as calories and saturated fat. Fruit and veg will all be free now. The new plan hasn't officially been launched but I checked out a link on the forums to a Dutch WW version which explained it - have a look (will need to translate page). What does everyone else think? Personally I think it's going to be initially hard to get used to but counting the amount of carbs can only be a good thing as I don't think WW takes that into consideration enough, the same with sugars and salt...

...anyways best get off here and get my bum down the gym! :)

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