Thursday, 23 September 2010

Please lock up my scales until official WI days!

I know I shouldn't do it, but I have. Nearly every day. Naughty. I cannot help myself!
So far I have been really good, and always when I've been staying well within my allowance and exercising regularly I feel I want to keep track of the good it is doing me, by having a peep on the scales before my WI is due (on Sunday).

Well i'll never learn because what i've seen so far is depressing and has got me into a spin this evening convincing myself that i'm not going to lose anything this week, despite my efforts, and that the 15st mark will still be there. Which has in turn got me annoyed that I could be potentially plateauing, ridiculous at my weight.

Anyways, official weigh in is three days off so going to try and put numbers out of my head and stay positive.

On a comical note, I went to Zumba tonight (3rd class this week, GET. IN!) and three new guys had joined. To say they were un-cooridinated was the understatement of the year! They really had me giggling as they looked like how little boys do when they try to dance - all arms and legs everywhere. Bless 'em!

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  1. Step away from the scales! They are evil! You're doing brilliantly and that will translate itself into a fab loss, I'm sure.