Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Chip, Chip, Chip...

The title of this post refers to me chipping away at the 15st marker.

After my week of being a saint I weighed on on Sunday and lost 1lb, bringing me to dead on 15st. My initial feelings were that of annoyance that I have still yet to break into the 14s, especially as I had a really good week. Then I started to see the bigger picture - another week's weight loss - thumbs up!

I am aiming to break into the 14s this week - just one measley pound would do the trick! So far I spent nearly 2 hours down thw gym on Sunday, went for a hilly walk around Wales on Monday, attempted a walk yesterday but was thwarted by the pissing down rain and gale force winds! Then last night I went to Zumba. I had intended on going to the gym this morning but due to the horrible weather and a few other things I had to/wanted to stay in the house.

Will try to do my pilates dvd tonight, then tomorrow is Zumba at the gym, and Friday I want to go to the gym before work...I reaaaaaaaaaaally want to see the back of these bloody 15s!

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