Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Get Ya Head in the Game

Hmm, I feel I am a tad too old to be using High School Musical references in my blog title...ah whatevs!

Well the festival and bank hol are well and truly over, in more ways than one. I have tried as hard as I can this week to knuckle down and get back to tracking everything (seriously, 2 days away from doing it seems like an eon!) and I finally got back into doin some exercise (walks at lunchtime - which I was still doing anyway - and I did my pilates dvd last night and...wait for it...went to the gym before work this morning! Wohoo.

I'm not able to go all guns blazing yet as I have, rather annoyingly, a piffling cold that seems to have swept the office (and the nation! Saw Stephen Fry moan about having one on Twitter yesterday...) So hopefully by next week normal order will have resumed.

I forgot to mention that over the weekend I wore my trusty LBD (which was £10 from Tesco, ssssshhhhh!) and what once fit me snugly is now a tad too loose (there was serious boobage in the photo's!) I was a bit sad as it was my go-to dress but i'm so pleased to have a validation of all my hard work so far - it means so much more than a number on a scale, and it means I simply HAVE to buy a new dress! Happy days :)

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  1. I agree it's so hard to get back into it after a break. But great news about the dress - nothing like fitting into a smaller dress size to spur you on.