Monday, 6 September 2010

This Week Thou Shall be a Saint

Amen to that!

So last week was kind of mixed. I got back into tracking, got back down the gym, went to my Zumba class and did my pilates dvd (the good stuff), but then I didn't do any form of exercise Friday to Sunday and I went over my point allowance both days over the weekend, especially on Sunday due to a Nando's lunch with a friend (the not-so-good stuff).

This week I want to be really good (saintly is a bit extreme!). So after having an inital false start as I didn't go to the gym before work as planned (due to me being really unhappy that the weekend was over) I got down to it tonight and put in my Shred dvd. Only the second time of doing it but I really do like it. It's 20 mins of pure GO!GO!GO! but 20 mins is not that long and you can really feel that you've worked hard (I can definitely feel it in my arms as I type this...)

For the rest of the week I want to go to a new Zumba class tomorrow night, as well as my usual Thursday night class. Do Shred at least one more time, do a couple of sessions of my pilates dvd and do at least one gym session before work this week.

In terms of food just track, track, track...

Right, going to go. In the middle of watching The Biggest Loser on Sky One - love it! So good for motivation.


  1. That sounds like a very saintly plan to me! Good luck.


  2. I shall try and be a saint with you, good luck x

  3. Ha, thanks guys! So far so good...
    Sarah. X