Sunday, 29 August 2010

Just write it off!

Well let's just say this week has been a total write-off. After post-festival depression, being manically busy at work, and feeling under the weather I haven't visited the gym, or any kind of exercise dvd once.

I was doing well so far as food, and was still tracking everything, until Friday when I went out for lunch AND tea, and drank quiiiiite a few glasses of pinot. Ah well, it's the bank holiday and I was catching up with some friends so decided to cut loose a bit. Then yesterday I went out in Manchester with a friend to look for a costume for a fancy dress party and ended up going to Nando's for tea, then at the party last nigh the alcohol was floooooowing :) (I went as Satan to the party was an 'S' theme).

So anyway, I'm feeling rough today - not just the hangover but I have a really sore thoat so I'm just going to kick back today and try and get myself feeling better. As soon as the sore throat bogs off I will be finally starting the 30 day shred and getting back down the gym. In the meantime I am back to tracking points everyday (just put my lunch points in). Oh and no more alcohol for a good while now! :)


  1. ah don't beat yourself up, just start over and try again. No one is perfect. It sounds like you had a great time at the party though and you should have that without the guilt!

  2. I should definitely join you on the wagon - what is it about the bank holiday and cheeky glasses of wine?

    Good luck getting back on track.


  3. Thanks guys, I don't feel quite so guilty now :)
    I'm back on the wagon but can't put 100% in due to having a really annoying cold (is going round the office at the moment), anyways by next week I should be back into the full swing of things!
    Sarah. x