Sunday, 1 August 2010

She's a total Betty...

I'm feeling pretty inspired, creative, day-dreamy (but that is not unusual for me!)

I've been thinking about my ultimate goal weight and the shopping trip that I am going to treat myself with for reaching it. This led me on to thinking about how much fashion is a motivator for me to lose weight. I could try and dress it up (no pun intended) and say it was purely for health reasons, but if I am being completly honest a big motivating factor to this mission is to wear the kind of things I want to, with conviction. Obviously whatever size you are you can still look good, but I just want to fit into 'straight' sizes to give myself more options. I hate limitations.

Anyway, I don't want to get too deep into this today, I really just wanted to post pretty pictures that evoke a certain feeling for me - fun, frivolous, care free and young. A kind of aspiration I had when I was younger and just never got there in reality (mainly because they were just ridiculous notions of adulthood!). This sounds like i'm getting all analytical again, but seriously, this afternoon's ramblings came out of a memory I had as a kid when I watched Clueless. Remembering Cher's wardrobe (it was a computer that she could mix and match outfits and when she was happy with it press a button and the wardrobe would spin to the exact place that outfit was stored). Y'see? Not deep and meaningful AT ALL! Just complete shallowness and frivolity :)

Enjoy! (Oh and I should say I am obsessed with celebrities fabulous wardrobes and dressing room montages in films!)


  1. I enjoyed looking at those pics! I have to say deep down my main concern is health but I think more about what I look like on a daily basis!

  2. i am totally the same, its very shallow but i just wanna look good in nice clothes and have my OH think i am hot again!!
    love the clueless pics, god that takes me back!
    and i love love love the idea of a walk in wardrobe (this carrie from sex and the city, but bigger!).
    argh is it just too sad that i am getting excited just writing this? haha!

  3. I'm glad it's not just me then :)
    Not sad at all Nicola! I dream of the day I get my own walk in wardrobe (preferably full of designer shoes!)