Sunday, 15 August 2010

Sunday, Salsa and Shred

Weighed myself this morning annnnd...another 2lbs have been worked off :)

I am now 4lbs away from my original 12-week-to-V-Fest goal. I seriously doubt I am going to drop 4lbs this week but I am going to work really hard to get as close as I can!

After going to Zumba on Thursday I felt like really doing some more of the same exercise. So yesterday afternoon I revisted the Rosemary Conley Salsacise dvd, and really enjoyed it! I opted to do the final level - 30 mins long. I used to think this was quite taxing but after doing Zumba this was a nice gentle warm up by comparison!

This week I want to do the salsa dvd a few times, as well as going to the gym and Zumba on Thursday. I will also continue to do my usual lunchtime walks (around 20-25 mins long).

I'm awaiting the delivery of a Pilates dvd I bought on Amazon - it was only a few quid and the pilates dvd I have isn't really very good (just shows you the move and doesn't work through it with you). I also bought the imfamous 30 Day Shred, after hearing so much about it and seeing it on Amazon for just over a fiver. I know you have to do it every day so will start that on the Monday after V Festival. I'm quite looking forward to the challenge of it but am a bit wary of the supposed pain I will be in after completing it!

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