Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Today's letter is S...

...and the topic is...snacks!

I've been thinking about healthy, energy-boosting snacks I can easily take with me to V Festival. Last year I ate rubbish and I really don't want to mess up my good behaviour. I don't mind compromising with the main meals (I found a baked potato stand last year...well they do have everything in fact!) but want to go for the healthier options - noodles etc. Also, I'm thinking because it is a full on two days, I want to have a pack of little energy-boosting snacks with me so that I can keep my energy levels up. The other thing is that they have to be small and light enough to be packed in a little box, and has to be able to last all day in a bag.

So far I have come up with the following ideas:
  • Rice cakes.
  • Oatcakes with peanut butter (hmmm, not sure if the PB will last though..)
  • Pieces of fruit - apple, banana.
  • Breakfast bars.
  • Small handful of walnuts.
  • Seeds.

Nothing mind blowing but a friend suggested I go to Holland and Barrett and stock up on the a few little packs of snacks - like seaweed covered peanuts (although I think they can be quite calorific -like most nuts, so again, would only be a handful). So think I'll make a trip there sometime this week - will have to stop myself from eating them at work though!


  1. Hi from a fellow WWer! Loving your blog!

    My current snack of choice is wasabi peas - you can get em from M&S. Pretty low in points, very portable and absolutely addictive. Have also developed a recent obsession with Bombay Mix, slightly spicy and very moreish but not too high in points. Houmous would be another good topping for your oatcakes, and slightly less pointy than peanut butter.


  2. Hey Seren,
    Thanks for the tips! The last time I had wasabi peas was in a restaurant and I remember how moreish they were! Will look out for them in M&S.
    Thanks for reading the blog :)
    Sarah. X