Thursday, 5 August 2010

Moaning Minnie

I really don't want to moan...but this week I have just felt really under the weather and wiped out, i'm tired and just fed up. I tend to only write about achievments and all the good things on this blog, but I think I should write about the down times as well. I wouldn't be human if I was 100% motivated, determined and happy all the time.

Ugh, I just deleted a paragraph of me whinging on about how challenging work is...booooring! That's exactly how I feel at the min, bored, no get up and go.

Anyways, on a good note, points-wise I have stayed on track. Unfortunately, gym-wise I have only been once this week so far. Missed my Zumba class tonight as well :(

I think this bug i've got has zapped my energy and not being able to workout always makes me grumpy, so i'm hoping as soon as I start feeling better my mood will lift.

Ok, moaning Minnie is going now!


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